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Starfield Power From Beyond Quest Fix

Unable to track the quest anymore? Here is how you can fix Power from Beyond in Starfield.

Like a few other quests in Starfield, Power from Beyond happens to be bugged and players want a fix. The issue that seems to be occurring is that you become unable to track it. With the marker gone and no proper map to follow. Scanning an entire planet becomes extra difficult with no particular place to reach. Luckily there are a few things that can help you to resolve it. So here are some quick solutions for this bug.

How to Fix Can’t Track Power From Beyond in Starfield

How To Fix Cant Track Marker In Power From Beyond Starfield

In order to fix Power from Beyond, you have to open the Starmap and Plot course to Altair I. Thanks to Reddit user u/machenae for sharing this fix. You can check out their comment here. This method helped them fix a similar bug for the Navacci mission. Here is what you do:

  1. Open the menu and go to Starmap.
  2. Here, plot a course to Altair.
  3. Now, once you reach Altair I the marker for this quest should now show up.

Several users tried the above fix and it seemed to work for them. Another way you can fix it is by looking for the location manually. Thanks to players Among The Clum Trees and Ilharn on Steam Community for sharing these fixes. You can check out their discussion thread here.

  • Look Manually for the Marker: The reason this bug occurs is that you visited the system at some point during your exploration before getting the quest. So now, the marker has glitched out, and the only way to find it is manually going there.
  • Try NG+: When starting a New Game + make sure you avoid going to Altair I this time. This will prevent the glitch from triggering and will help you avoid the bug.

That’s all on how you can fix the Power from Beyond quest and can start tracking it in Starfield. If you need more help with this game then you should check out our guides on the save file location, what happens upon getting caught with contraband, and how to reach the wolf system. You can also find plenty of other guides on this game in our Starfield section.