Starfield Mods: Best Mods You Need To Install Now

The best Starfield Mods not only enhance your gameplay but also offer you new experiences, hacks, and complete overhauls.

You won’t want to miss out on the best Starfield Mods to install since the Bethesda team has given a green flag to mod support.  Ever since the game’s Early Access came out, many modders have been creating amazing mods without breaking a sweat. From putting Phil Spencer (Xbox Chief) into Starfield to various performance tweaks, the possibilities are as endless as Bethesda’s cosmic universe. Similar to Fallout and Skyrim, the game doesn’t skip a beat with its incredible mods available on NexusMods. Be it reshading or adding new gameplay mechanics, it seems only a start as we explore Starfield’s 1000 planets.

Best Starfield Mods

Here are the best Starfield Mods to install on your PC:

  1. Achievement Enabler
  2. Enhanced Player Healthbar
  3. Run Forever Silently
  4. Clear Bounties
  5. Less Spongy Enemies
  6. Quantum Reshade
  7. Easy Speech
  8. Nicholas Cage Flashlight
  9. Easy Digipicker
  10. Better Movement Speed
  11. More Flashlight Mods by Maquinaremos
  12. The Eyes of Beauty
  13. Undelayed Menus
  14. Starfield Performance Optimizations
  15. Garfield
  16. Cleanfield
  17. StarUI Inventory
  18. In-game FOV Changer
  19. Mantis – Deadpool Recolor
  20. Responsive Grabbing

You can install these available mods by downloading them from NexusMods. For that, you can either log in from your existing NexusMods account or create a new account. So, let’s check out all the above mods in more detail:

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Achievement Enabler

The Achievement Enabler is the most essential mod if you want to utilize the various mods, cheats, and console commands in Starfield. Despite using the cheats, this mod allows you to earn achievements as you progress.

Enhanced Player Healthbar

With lots of space combat, tracking your health bar can be forgettable at times due to its minimalistic HUD. You can fix that problem by using the Enhanced Player Healthbar mod that dynamically changes the HP bar’s color when it depletes. It will alter your health bar’s color at 75, 50, and 25% displaying the colors you have chosen.

Run Forever Silently

While in space, the oxygen can often run out when the odds are against you. The Run Forever Silently is an ideal Starfield mod that offers you nearly unlimited oxygen as you run in silence.

Clear Bounties

The Clear Bounties is a perfect mod if you have the 5 big-time factions gunning you incessantly down due to the bounties placed on your head. All you must do is simply paste the bat file and use the correct console command for it.

Less Spongy Enemies

For the players that prefer exploration over combat, the Less Spongy enemies mod can help you get rid of all the damage-soaking hostiles. As the enemy NPCs gain a health bonus every time they level up, this mod allows you to tweak their health. While it only applies to the newly spawned enemies, a cell reset can entirely change their health pool.

Quantum Reshade

Although Bethesda’s Starfield has groundbreaking visuals and graphics, many players differ from this viewpoint. And that’s one of the major reasons, the Quantum Reshade mod was created by the modder named HelloImCrimson on NexusMods. Compared to the original, the colors are much more vibrant and offer an enhanced emulation.

Easy Speech

No matter what dialogue option you choose, the Easy Speech mod allows you to pass all the checks. As you progress, choosing the right dialogue for your character can sometimes be tricky. For such scenarios, lots of players prefer Save Scumming to get the required results. But if you are troubled by these various checks, Easy Speech can help you get out of the hassles.

Nicholas Cage Flashlight by Brandoman

Best Starfield Mods

Be it the surface world or space, you can find Nicholas Cage everywhere including Starfield. With modders splurring out their creative juices, you can try out the Nicholas Cage Flashlight mod whenever or wherever you feel lost in the dark. Once you install this mod, it will replace the vanilla flashlight with Nic Cage in his full glory.

Easy Digipick (Lockpick)

Here’s where the Easy Digipick mod can come to your rescue as it allows you to ignore the mini-game completely. While picking locks with Digipicks is a relatively easier gameplay mechanic, some players might want to skip the mini-game entirely. As it requires perks. you can instantly get the necessary rank by typing a console command – player.addperk 2ce2e2. However, this can disable your in-game achievements, so ensure installing the Achievement Enabler mod, as well.

Better Movement Speed

If you feel the jogging or sprinting motions are slightly off in Starfield, the Better Movement Speed mod can help you with a smoother experience. Further, this mod also offers a better experience when aiming with a mouse or controller.

More Flashlight Mods by Maquinaremos

For the players having fun with their flashlight mods, the modder maquinaremos upped their game with two mods. These include the Phil Spencer and Bill Clinton Flashlight mods that replace your vanilla flashlight. Alongside these funny mods, you can also try out the Sarah Barbie mod that replaces her outfit with a Barbie jacket.

The Eyes of Beauty

You will recognize the Eyes of Beauty mod if you have modded Bethesda’s Fallout and Skyrim. But unlike those mods, TEOB is an entirely different mod specialized only for Starfield. This mod offers new textures for your character’s mods replacing the original textures.

Undelayed Menus

The Undelayed Menus mod offers many improvements for quicker responsiveness and efficiency of Starfield’s in-game menu. This mod removes all the fading effects in the vanilla version and replaces them with a 60 FPS Menu refresh rate.


Best Starfield Mods garfield

Just for the sake of the rhyme, the Garfield is one of the silliest mods in Starfield that we have discovered so far. It simply changes the game’s name to Garfield as the beloved orange tabby cat looms over the Main Menu.

Starfield Performance Optimization

Once you install the Starfield Performance Optimization mod, you can set the display settings to Ultra. When Todd Howard, the Starfield Director was asked if the game was optimized for PC, he answered you may need to upgrade your PC for this game. But for the players that can’t upgrade their PCs, this mod can save you with FPS drops. As stated by the DKNEXUS11, the creator of the mod, this mod offers more FPS and less graphics quality losses.


For the Starfield players looking for a minimalistic Menu, the Cleanfield might be a perfect pick for you. This mod removes any intro videos with epilepsy or seizure warnings at the start of the game. Along with that, here are all the things Cleanfield mod offers:

  • No Bethesda Logo Video
  • No Bethesda Logo
  • No Message of the Day
  • No Starfield Logo
  • Customizable
  • Vortex Support

StarUI Inventory

Offering a compact display style, The StarUI inventory mod improves all inventory screens with Item category icons. With many quality-of-life features, this Starfield mod offers better Inventory Management to sort your items.

In-game FOV Changer

Although changing your Field of View is possible, the In-game FOV Changer mod allows you to permanently change the in-game FOV. With the limited FOV settings or options, many players felt the lack of this setting in the game. If you are one of those players, try out this mod to tweak your FOV in Starfield.

Mantis – Deadpool Recolor

Best Mods In Starfield

The Mantis – Deadpool recolor mod is a perfect pick if you are looking for some changes with your spacesuit. This mod replaces your Mantis outfit with a redesigned and recolored version of Deadpool’s superhero suit.

Responsive Grabbing

If you are tired of the one-second delay while grabbing resources or bodies, the Responsive Grabbing mod can help you cut down that time. This mod reduces that time to 300 milliseconds making it more responsive and faster to gather anything.

That’s all about the best Starfield Mods. If you enjoyed reading this, check out how to install DLSS Mod, and explore more Starfield Guides. Also, if you are into the modding business don’t forget to explore our interesting Mods section for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.