Starfield: What Should I Loot? (Items To Pick Up)

Can you loot everything in Starfield? Should you? Here's what to prioritize.

What to loot in Starfield? Knowing what items to pick up in the game is crucial because you will explore multiple planets across the universe while also completing various missions. Looting will help you find better weapons, gear, valuable items for your survival, and more. Many players are curious to know what to loot in Starfield because picking everything up will eventually make your character encumbered. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick the most valuable items and how to prioritize what to loot in Starfield.

What to Loot and Pick Up in Starfield?

what should i loot in starfield

Players must focus on collecting these important items in Starfield:

  • Ammo
  • Aid items
  • Crafting materials you need
  • Credits
  • Weapons, Armor


Ammo is the most important item in the early game that you will need to consistently loot so that you don’t run out of them during gunfights. It is so important to survive we have a dedicated page on how to manage ammo in the early & mid-game.

Aid items

Even in the Very Easy difficulty, enemies can keep taking you down if you don’t have enough healing items or don’t manage your health correctly. So, make sure to collect everything that will help you and your companion survive longer.

Crafting materials

In Starfield, crafting materials are crucial for adding mods to weapons, armor, packs, suits, and more. So track what you are trying to craft at that time, and keep a tab of the resources you need. And if you come across those items during your exploration or missions, grab them right away.


It goes without saying that money makes the world go round, even in Starfield. Credits are the main and universal currency in this universe. They will help you upgrade your ship, buy items from vendors, get better weapons, armor, materials and more.

Weapons and Armor

starfield looting tips tricks Your enemies will be carrying a wide range of weapons and armor, and some of them will be better than yours, so go ahead and pick them up. Prioritize items with high rarity and good stats.


When looting, it is important to consider the weight of the items you are taking. You have a limited carry weight, so you must be careful about what you pick up. Plus, keep managing your inventory by selling items, storing them and giving them to your companion as and when needed.

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What Items are Not Worth Picking Up?

Here are the items that are not worth looting in Starfield:

  • Food – They provide only a very small boost of health and aren’t worth collecting over time. But if you are in dire need of a healing boost, you can consume some food items while you are in the quest area.
  • Duplicate Weapons and Spacesuits – These items are heavy and if you come across multiple duplicates that you already own, you can choose to avoid picking them up. Or you could trade them with your companion and sell off the item later for credits.
  • Empty Bottles and Other Junk – There will be plenty of areas where you will find bottles, cups, workshop items and more junk that can be skipped while looting. You will also come across books, and if you have ended up collecting them, here’s where to sell books in Starfield.
  • Notes – In case you are curious to dive deeper into the lore of the game, you can pick up notes. But if not, you can skip them too.

That’s all about what you should loot in Starfield and important items to pick up. While you are here, head to our Starfield wiki guide for location guides, walkthroughs, and more tips and tricks.

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