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Starfield: How To Stop Running Out Of Ammo & Grenades

Constantly running out of ammo and grenades during gun fights in Starfield? Here's how to manage ammo while playing.

Running out of ammo in Starfield can be catastrophic, especially when facing enemies with crosshairs pointed at you. It is an essential resource in Starfield; without it, all your ballistic and energy weapons are dead weight in your inventory.

Without ammo, you must use melee weapons or your unarmed punches. This may sound interesting, but it can be deadly early in the game without adequate skills/perks. So, we will help you with all the tips on managing your ammo and grenades effectively in Starfield.

How to Manage and Stop Running Out of Ammo in Starfield

Players can obtain ammo in Starfield in various ways, including looting enemies, salvaging containers, and purchasing them from vendors in major cities and settlements. But to manage them properly and running out of ammo and grenades in Starfield, you need to:

  • Choose the right weapon for the job.
  • Keep an eye on weapon rarity.
  • Loot ammo from fallen enemies and containers.
  • Upgrade your weapons with mods.
  • Increase weapon accuracy with mods.
  • Invest in better space suits.
  • Use your ammo sparingly.
  • Conserve your grenades.
  • Invest in the scavenging skill.
  • Carry a variety of weapons.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Take advantage of the cover system.
  • Make sure to visit weapon and ammo vendors before/during quests.

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Choose the Right Weapon for the Job

You must pick the best weapon for the job since certain guns are more ammo-efficient than others. A sniper rifle, for instance, is excellent at picking off far-away targets with just one shot, but it is not very useful against a horde of enemies charging you. In that case, an assault rifle or shotgun could be a better choice. This also includes recognizing how each ammo type affects enemy types. I usually prefer ballistics against human enemies and lasers against robots and aliens. But depending on the Skills you upgraded, you may prefer one.

Here are the major points to remember when choosing the right weapon for ammo efficiency:

  • Pick the weapon the enemy is carrying: If you are running out of ammo, you should first switch to the weapon your current enemies carry. The game will generate enemies, usually with 3-4 weapon types in any given area. So pick their weapons and loot them for more ammo to survive your gunfights.
  • Pick weapons with higher ‘accuracy’: You can open your inventory to check the accuracy % of the weapon you equipped. You may also find variations of the same weapon with different mods that will increase their accuracy than others. So when you pick up new weapons, check their accuracy % to equip the best one. This brings us to our next main point, ‘damage stats’.
  • Choose weapons with higher ‘damage’: Weapons that deal more damage each shot, like sniper rifles and weapons using explosive ammo, use ammo more effectively than weapons that deal less damage per shot, such as some lower-tier handguns. This is because a high-damage weapon may kill an enemy with fewer rounds, helping you manage your rounds efficiently.
  • Rate of fire: Guns with a fast rate of fire, such as Grendel, can quickly deplete a supply of ammo. If you want to use a weapon with a rapid rate of fire, be sure to have enough ammo on hand. Grendels are also the most common enemy weapons I saw in early quests. So, if you prefer using one, aim down the iron sight instead of relying on hip fire. This will drastically conserve your ammo to survive longer battles.

Keep an Eye on Weapon Rarity

Starfield has four weapon rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary weapons are the most rare and powerful weapons in the game. They have three modifiers that can give them a significant advantage over other weapons.

The number of modifications a weapon has in Starfield determines how rare it is. Weapon modifiers are different from attachment mods. Attachment mods can be added to or removed from weapons to change their performance. On the other hand, weapon modifiers are permanent changes to the weapon’s stats.

In general, rarer and more potent weapons have more modifiers. It’s important to note that not all modifiers are created equal. Different modifiers have different advantages. Also, modifiers are permanent and cannot be changed without console commands.

Loot Ammo From Fallen Enemies and Containers

Looting containers and fallen enemies is the most common way to get ammo. Also, different types of containers can be found all over the Settled Systems, and they often contain various items, including ammo.

You can also pick weapons from enemies, giving you the ammo left in their magazines. Just make sure to discard any extra weapons of the same type if you carry too much weight.

To increase your chances of finding ammo, you can invest in the Scavenging Skill. This skill increases the amount of ammo you find in containers. At Rank 2, the Scavenging Skill allows you to find extra ammo in containers.

Pro Tip: Picking Hero Worshipped Trait will give you an Adoring Fan with stats in Weight Lifting and Scavenging skills.

Upgrade your Weapons with Mods

Upgrading your weapons with mods can help you to manage ammo more effectively in Starfield.

There are many different weapon mods available, but some of the most useful for ammo management in Starfield are:

  • Ammo capacity mods: These mods increase the ammo your weapon can hold.
  • Reload speed mods: These mods reduce the time it takes to reload your weapon.
  • Accuracy mods: These mods make it easier to hit your target, which can help you to conserve ammo.
  • Damage mods: These mods increase your weapon’s damage, allowing you to take down enemies with fewer shots.

When choosing weapon mods, it is important to consider your play style and the types of enemies that you are fighting.

For example, if you run out of ammo frequently, you may want to prioritize ammo capacity mods and reload speed mods. If you miss shots frequently, you may want to prioritize accuracy mods.

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Invest in Better Space Suits

Some space suits include built-in enhanced reload speeds, reduced incoming damage, and other comparable perks that might be useful for ammo management. If you regularly run out of ammo, investing in a space suit with ammo management benefits might be a good method to improve your position during gun fights.

Use your Ammo Sparingly

Using the aim-down sight with iron sight is one of the best ways to manage ammo in Starfield. This helps in getting precise aim before shooting and avoiding costly ‘spray and pray’ approaches.

Conserve your Grenades

Grenades are powerful in Starfield, but they are extremely scarce. It is necessary to use your grenades strategically to extend their supply. They work well against several enemies in groups or powerful bosses. They can also be tossed over cover, allowing you to eliminate enemies without exposing yourself to risk.

Because grenades are delayed before detonating, you must properly time your throws so that the grenades explode at the right moment. In Starfield, there are various grenades, each with its own set of effects. To maximize efficacy, select the appropriate type of grenade for the given situation.

Invest in the Scavenging Skill

This ability raises the quantity of ammo found in containers. At Rank 2, the Scavenging Skill allows you to pick up additional ammo in containers. This may be a lifesaver if you run out of ammo, and it can also help you save money by minimizing the quantity of ammo you need to buy from vendors.

The Scavenging Skill can also help you locate other important objects in containers, such as credits, crafting materials, rare items, and more. So, it is a Skill that benefits all players, regardless of their playstyle.

Carry a Variety of Weapons

Different guns use different types of ammo. As a result, carrying a range of weapons reduces the likelihood of running out of ammo for all of them simultaneously. If one weapon runs out of ammo, you can swap to another. This is extremely useful in lengthy fights or when facing a big group of enemies.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

You can avoid unwanted conflicts and ambushes by using your radar, listening for footsteps, and taking constant cover or even taking a stealth approach when needed. This will help you preserve and prevent running out of ammo during a critical situation in Starfield.

Take Advantage of the Cover System

Depending on your weapon, taking cover helps you avoid getting hit and get closer to enemies. This is helpful if you carry a shotgun with a high damage rating. You have more time to plan and take aim, which helps you avoid missing and wasting ammo.

Make Sure to Visit Weapon and Ammo Vendors Before/During Quests

You can always load up on ammo before embarking on a mission because vendors sell a range of ammo types. This is especially crucial for lengthy or challenging quests. If you run out of ammo for one weapon, if they are costly, you can always buy another weapon for which you reserve ammo.

As Vendors also sell weapons, this is a smart strategy to keep from fully running out of ammo. To find the best bargain, thoroughly go through the inventory of each dealer you visit and compare pricing.

By visiting weapon and ammo vendors before or during quests, you can ensure that you always have enough ammo to complete your quests successfully.

That’s all you need to know about how to stop running out of ammo and grenades in Starfield. While you are here, check out more of our Starfield articles, like should you tell Hadrian Sanon about her fathervendors with the most credits, and more.