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Should I Sell Resources In Starfield? What Items To Sell

Wondering if getting rid of resources by selling them is a good choice in Starfield or not? Here is all you need to know about that.

Is your inventory full and you have an abundance of Adhesive, Mercury, and Lithium but are not sure if you should sell these resources in Starfield? If you have started the game not long ago and are still in the early stage, keeping items not needed for the time is overburdened. But selling them thinking they can be easily found or you have plenty is not always a good choice. So what about resources? Is it okay to get rid of them? Read along to learn what you should do with them.

Is It Right to Sell Resources in Starfield?

Should You Sell Resources In Starfield

If you are at the early stage, you might not be using a hefty amount of resources. But that doesn’t mean you will not need it in the future. As you progress and complete the mission, you will need them for crafting, outpost building, and more. Resources are the kind of items you should never sell in Starfield. Selling them might give you money for the time being and may also help in the current mission. However, buying them again is a lot of work. Purchasing a few pieces of resources is not much, but you will need a good amount, so it will strain your wallet. If you are low on Credits, use our money-making guide.

How to Make Space For Resources

There are three things you can do if you are running out of space. And don’t want to sell resources in Starfield. You can increase the weight-bearing limit of the character. Put the excess amount in the companion’s inventory. And access Cargo Hold to store items on the ship. To increase the holding capacity of your character, use your Skill Points on Physical Skill: Weight Lifting. Don’t know how to unlock Skills? Use the linked guide. Now, if you have upgraded the skill to the max and are still short on space, use the companion’s storage. You can do that by talking to them and selecting “Let’s trade gear“.

What Items to Sell in Starfield

What Items to Sell in Starfield

  • Low Credit common items: Look for the things that have low credit value and are easily excavated or bought from Vendors. You can sell such items and make money.
  • Ammunition: As you develop and make a build for your character, you will start depending on the weapons that go well with your build. So ammos of other unused weapons will just take up your storage. Selling weapons can be a hard choice, but getting rid of ammo is not a bad option. But just in case of emergency keep ammo of at least some weapons.
  • Misc items: If you have no interest in decorating your home and wish to live a minimalist life in space, you can sell misc items.
  • Food items: There are plenty of items and abilities apart from food that cures and restores your character’s health and oxygen. And even in food items going for fancy meals will cost more. Some food items restore the same amount of health, but the difference in their value is huge. Before you sell any food just make sure to check its effect. Some offer buffs.
  • Earth Antiques: There are Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Piggy Banks, Hockey Sticks, and other Earth items that are considered antiques here. They are not common, but they do sell for decent value.

If this answers your question about whether you should sell resources in Starfield or not. Then check out our other Starfield topics. You can start by learning how to get a Dream Home and then understand High Price to pay choices.