Starfield: What Is GRV, LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG And SHD?

Here's a guide explaining all the subsystem Abbreviations on HUD in Starfield Spaceship like LAS, BAL, GRV, etc.

The first time you get into a ship in Starfield, you will see some abbreviations at the bottom left of the screen which are LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG, SHD, and GRV. If you are unfamiliar with these subsystems, and want to know what are their meanings, and how they affect your ship’s controls, this guide will come in handy. As you already know, in Starfield, having a capable spaceship as well as piloting it is one of the important elements of the overall gameplay – be it exploring interstellar space or fighting in combat. And so, having all the required knowledge about your space vehicle and its customizability is crucial.

What are LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG, SHD, GRV in Starfield? all abbreviations explained

Below is the meaning of each of these Starfield Ship abbreviations and how are they useful while navigating or fighting in your Spaceship.

Starfield Ship Combat FAQs

Q: What is GRV?

A: GRV refers to Grav Drive, it requires one to jump from one Star to another. Apart from traveling, it can be used effectively in the compact to escape and prevent damage to your spaceship. The more power you allot to GRV, the faster it can move. Additionally, you can upgrade this feature to increase their jump range, making it easy to travel to other solar systems.

Q: What is LAS?

A: Laser weapons in Starfield are represented by LAS in the HUD of the Spaceship. Laser weapons are useful for breaking down Enemy shields, making them vulnerable and easy targets to other weaponry like BAL and MSL. The more power you allot to the LAS, the more powerful it gets.

Q:  What is BAL?

A: This is an abbreviation for ballistics missiles, it is capable of destroying your enemy’s HP after their shield has been completely destroyed. The BAL is a level up to LAS like other subsystems can increase its strength by allotting more power to it by transferring from other subsystems.

Q: What is MSL?

A: In Starfield, the MSL refers to Missiles. Same as BAL they can be used to strike effective damage after the enemy’s shield has been destroyed in extended range. As gradually you transfer more power you MSL from other systems, it gets more powerful and effective.

Q: What is ENG?

A: ENG is the engine power of your spacecraft, the more points you put into it, the greater the overall speed and maneuverability of your Spaceship. This can help you move faster in the game and with more agility. Keeping in lower power will end up slowing it down, hence making it an easy target with no possible escape chances.

Q: What is SHD?

A: Protection is an intergalactic battle that is necessary. In Starfield spaceships are equipped with SHD which refers to your spaceship’s shield, more points to your shield means the stronger it is to defend against damage from enemies. Hence, increasing your SHD can increase your survivability in the game.

How to Use the Ship Subsystems (Combat and Exploration)

You can allocate power to other subsystems to get the best out of them, according to your combat requirements and preferences. For instance, you can allot more power to your LAS from other subsystems like ENG or SHD, etc., to use it to destroy your enemy’s protection shield. It is a kind of trade-off between particular features as per the requirements. While LAS, BAL, MSL, and SHD are the weaponry and defense systems on the ship, ENG and GRV are two of the travel and mobility Systems in Starfield. The more power you allocate to GRV, the shorter duration it will take to Grav jump.

And that’s everything covered for the meanings of LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG, SHD, and GRV in Starfield. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other Starfield spaceship guides and tips, like how to dock ships in Starfield, or learn about the best Starfield ship you can buy to get an edge in your game. Additionally, you can check the Starfield dedicated guide section to find more helpful articles on our website.