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Best Starfield Armor Spacesuits

Confused about which armor to choose in Starfield? We'll show you the best early, mid, and late game armor sets in Starfield.

Looking for the best armor for Starfield’s early, mid and late game? Here are the top picks! The game promises to let players explore the vast reaches of space and encounter dangers around every corner. Having the right armor will be critical to survive the environments and intense battles. Starfield’s armor system allows for deep customization and different playstyles.

From hulking space marine armor to sleeker stealth suits, you’ll want to understand the ins and outs of Starfield’s armor types and stats to create your ideal loadout. In this guide, we will explain which are the best armor spacesuits to choose.

Best Armors in Starfield

best early game armor starfield

Early Game Armor Sets

One of the best early-game armor sets you can get is the Mantis Spacesuit. To obtain this set, complete the Mantis side quest, which becomes available after reading the Secret Outpost Slate found during the The Old Neighborhood main quest.

The full Mantis set includes the Mantis Helmet, Spacesuit, and Pack. This lightweight set has great stats for early to mid-game and can come with powerful legendary effects.

best spacesuit starfield

Mid Game Armor Sets

Once you reach Security Level 3, you can grab the powerful Mark I Spacesuit set located in the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis. This medium armor set is in a locked display case, so you’ll need high lockpicking skills to obtain it.

While it lacks legendary effects, the Mark I set has significantly higher defenses than any early-game armor. It will serve you well until you can obtain late-game gear.

best mid game armor starfield

Late Game Armor Sets

The ultimate armor set is the Starborn Spacesuit, available only in New Game Plus mode. The first version you get is the Starborn Astra suit.

With each additional playthrough, your Starborn suit will upgrade to a more powerful variant, up to the Starborn Venator set. The Starborn suits have the best defensive stats in the game and outclass any other late-game armor.

This should clear every doubt for you regarding the best armor in Starfield. If you need help on more topics of this game then be sure to check our guides on how to get structural materialsget Preorder rewards, and if you should stay at Lodge or go to the Eye.