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Paper Mario Origami King Final Boss Battle: How To Beat King Olly

Defeating the evil King Olly in Paper Mario Origami King is not easy because he is the final boss. There will be three phases of this boss fight. In this guide, we will show you how to beat him easily.

During the entire Origami adventure, you have encountered Vellumental bosses, Colored Pencils, Scissors, Stapler and more. It has been a crazy ride but now it is time to face the Paper Mario Origami King final boss – King Olly. As expected, he is a formidable and evil enemy so you will need some tips to take him down. In this guide, we will explain how to beat King Olly easily.

How to Beat King Olly Final Boss in Paper Mario Origami King


There will be three phases of this boss fight. Here are some tips to defeat all three of his forms and emerge victorious in the end.

King Olly Boss Battle Phase 1

In the first phase, King Olly will turn into all Vellumental bosses that you have encountered before. They are the Earth, Water, Fire and Ice Vellumentals. You have to use tricks and strategies that will defeat the specific Vellumental boss. Use the Magic Circles and turn the rings quickly. Why quickly, you ask? That’s because if you spend too much time to set things up, King Olly can recover HP.


When King Olly turns into Earth Vellumental, don’t try to attack the tail and legs like you did for the original boss. Instead, go for the Ice Vellumental power to combat this form of the boss. When he is all frozen, use the 1000 Folded Arms attack to lower his health.

During his Ice Vellumental form, make sure to solve the Ice Maze puzzle as fast as possible and use coins whenever needed. Read our guide on how to farm coins in Paper Mario Origami King to have plenty of them for this battle. Utilize the Fire Vellumental’s power against this form and then go ahead with 1000 Folded Arms.

When he turns into the Water Vellumental boss, there will be a slight difference in Olly’s attack. The water spouts will be created around the boss so you have to plan the rings in such a way that the important panels don’t get washed away. Summon the Earth Vellumental to dodge his Big Wave attack and drain his energy. Use up the 1000 Fold Arms to weaken him further.


Lastly, the Fire Vellumental form of the Paper Mario Origami King Final boss will appear and to beat him, you have to first avoid the fire on the tiles. Then, you have to bring on the Water Vellumental to put out his flames and then use 1000 Folded Arms. This will finish the Phase 1 of the King Olly boss battle.

King Olly Boss Battle Phase 2

In this second phase, King Olly and Bowser (who will be turned into Origami) will fight it out. This part of the boss battle is pretty easy if you know exactly what to do.



You have to help Bowser win against King Olly and you can do that by going behind Bowser and activating the Magic Circle exactly behind him. Keep hitting the ground fast for the entire duration of the time shown on the screen.


To stop you, King Olly will send flying papers that you have to jump over at the right time.

Next, Olly will bring an Origami Thwomp in the fight. To beat it, you have to use a Magic Circle and hit the ground repeatedly. If you do it fast, you will win the phase 2 of the King Olly Boss Battle and move to phase 3.

Paper Mario: Origami King Final Boss Battle Phase 3

The final phase involves a puzzle where you have to restore the magic circle to make it look like the picture shown below:


While you are busy completing the ‘four Olivia’ puzzle, the final boss will keep attacking you. You must press the A button at the right moment to dodge those attacks. He will unleash different attacks so be ready and give full focus during this time.

Finally, Olivia will turn into a massive Hammer using which you have to hit King Olly.


All of this will help you in beating the Paper Mario Origami King Final Boss King Olly. Good job!

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