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How To Beat The Earth Vellumental Boss Easily In Paper Mario: The Origami King

This is how you can defeat the Earth Vellumental boss in Paper Mario The Origami King. Follow these boss fight tips to win against this enemy.

Earth Vellumental will be the first Vellumental boss that you encounter in Paper Mario: The Original King. It looks like a paper turtle and it has a tough protective shell. That means you have to avoid that area and target your enemy’s legs instead. Find more such boss fight tips in our guide on how to beat the Earth Vellumental boss in Paper Mario: The Original King.

Earth Vellumental Boss Guide: Paper Mario The Origami King

The first thing you should do is attack the vulnerability of this enemy which happens to be its legs and tail. Use a hammer or a shiny hammer for attacking the legs because if you choose jump attacks, you will end up bouncing on its hard shell.

Since this will be your first boss battle, you will get the necessary tips on how to go about it while playing the game. Turn the rings, use the arrows, get the powerups (extra action panel, x2 panel), bonuses and unleash heavy damage on your opponent.

You will also learn about blocking its attacks so be sure to get the timing right. The folded turtle has an attack called Sandblast where he shoots sand at you thrice. Even when you block, your HP will still take a hit – that’s just how powerful he is. If it gets too low, make sure to collect a heart that will be placed on a tile.

Focus on the legs first and then move to tail. Use your shiny hammer to make its tail go back into the shell. Beware of an attack called Rough Landing where he will shoot out rocks from all directions. At this point, you will get the option to use the 1000 fold arms in a Magic circle. This is a cool move that you can use to grab the Earth Vellumental, throw it and continuously hit it. This will deal a LOT of damage and take down your foe.

This is how you can defeat the Earth Vellumental fast. We hope this boss battle guide provided some tips you can use to emerge victories. Be sure to check our guide on how to beat the Fire Vellumental boss as well.