How To Easily Beat Colored Pencils Boss In Paper Mario Origami King

In this boss fight guide, you will learn tips to take down and defeat the Colored Pencils in Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch).

Want to know how to win the fight against the Colored Pencils? Then there are some handy tips that you can follow. The pack of Colored Pencils is quite the formidable stationary-themed enemy that you need to take down to progress the story. Read this boss battle guide to know how to beat the Colored Pencils in Paper Mario: The Origami King easily.

How to Defeat Colored Pencils Fast: Boss Battle Guide

This boss fight is unlike any other battle you will see in Origami King. The pencils are missiles and the pencil case is a tough enemy on its own too. To help you out, we have listed the tips and tricks to defeat it.

The first thing you should do is dodge the pencil’s missile attacks by rotating the rings correctly. What you should also do is attack the pencil case from the back, so move the rings according to this criteria. Note that the targets of the pencils will be marked so avoid them completely and use your hammer to hit it from behind.

When the pencil case gets shut, the missiles will explode while they are inside, damaging the boss. But the fight is far from over. Even though there will be no pencils inside right now, the case is strong enough on its own and it will try to bite you. Make sure that you don’t run out of health due to this.


The strategy remains the same for all turns except the one where the Pencil case attacks with Rainbow Roll. The pencils will join their forces and unleash a lot of damage. At this point, it is best to attack from the front and use 1000 Fold Arms Magic Circle. The continuous attacks will heavily damage the enemy. Towards the end, when the pencil case is bent and wonky, use the Boots attack to finish the fight.

During the entire battle you will see some wonderful dialogues and puns related to art supplies which manages to keep things super fun for the player. So, that was all about beating the Colored Pencils in Paper Mario Origami King. We have covered more guides of Origami King so be sure to check them out too.