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How To Beat The Ice Vellumental Boss In Paper Mario Origami King

Here's how to defeat the Ice Vellumental boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King easily.

You might already know that there are four Vellumental bosses in the latest Paper Mario title namely the Fire Vellumental, Water Vellumental, Earth Vellumental and finally the Ice Vellumental. This one has ice-based powers (of course) and looks like an origami polar bear with sharp claws. In this boss fight guide, we will explain some tips to easily defeat the Ice Vellumental in Paper Mario: Origami King.

Ice Vellumental Boss Fight Tips: How To Defeat This Enemy

To beat the last Vellumental boss in this game, you have to make use of a few strategies and know its range of attacks. The First thing you should note is that it will deep freeze itself as a form of defense. Due to this, your normal attacks will be useless.

At this point, you can use the Fire Vellumental power to melt down the frozen covering of the Origami Polar Bear. Be sure to block the enemy’s attacks during its turn where it will hit you with its claws.

Since the Ice Vellumental is not covered in ice right now, you can use the 1000 Fold Arms attack and deal a lot of damage to it. Keep hitting continuously to make him dizzy and lower his HP.

Again, use the rings wisely and keep attacking your opponent. Soon, it will start freezing the tiles around it, creating pointy ice chunks and building a frozen defense again. Avoid the icicles at any cost. You can remove them by sliding the row instead of rotating rings and break them. By doing this, you can use the icon that was under it.


Then, the second phase of the boss fight will begin where Ice Vellumental will unleash the Ice Maze. It will, quite literally, create an ice maze on the tiles and then rotate the rings to confuse you.

Ice Vellumental Ice Maze – How to Solve it?

You have to remember how the pattern was prior to the rotation, make a path and reach the Magic circle for a 1000 Fold Arms attack. You can take a picture or a screenshot of it beforehand if you want some extra help. Once you hit the enemy back to back, its HP will drastically reduce and you will defeat it. As a reward, you will get the Ice Bibliofold.


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