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How To Easily Beat The Water Vellumental In Paper Mario Origami King

One of the Vellumental bosses that you will fight against in Paper Mario: The Origami King is the Water Vellumental. To defeat it easily, read the tips in this boss battle guide.

One of the Vellumental bosses that you will fight against in Paper Mario: The Origami King is the Water Vellumental. In order to defeat it, you need to know about its range of attacks as well as its weaknesses. Luckily, you don’t need to look anywhere else – this boss battle guide on how to beat the Water Vellumental will help you out.

Boss Guide: How To Defeat Water Vellumental

Unsurprisingly, this boss will use water to its advantage with attacks like spout summons, wash away and more. If you pick up a hint from a tile, you will learn that when Water Vellumental starts to fly, you need to bring it down with a jump and then hit with a hammer. Use Shiny Boots and Shiny Hammer to make this happen. The Shiny Boots attack will slam the Water Vellumental to the ground but its HP won’t be that affected. But the Shiny Hammer will deal some damage to it.

While the water dragon is on the ground, during its turn it will hit you with its wing or bite you. Block these attacks immediately because they are quite deadly. Also note that the Wash Away move will clear the panels in a row so you need to think of a smart strategy to move the rings.


You have to turn them in such a way that the tiles you need do not get washed off. Once you get close to the boss, use the Shiny Hammer again to lower its HP further.


At a certain point, the Water Vellumental will get filled with water and there will be water rings all around it. This is a signal that the Big Wave is coming. Since it is a highly powerful attack, you can dodge it by summoning Earth Vellumental. Its powers will help you raise the tile you are on and successfully evade the water wave that your enemy will unleash.

After this, the boss will be extremely tired so make the most of its situation by continuing to lower its HP. You can use 1000 Fold Arms to do this. Draining its energy will help you eventually beat the Water Vellumental in Paper Mario: The Origami King. As a reward, you will get the Water Bibliofold.

That covers all the Vellumental bosses – Fire Vellumental, Earth Vellumental, Ice Vellumental and now, Water. Be sure to read our other Paper Mario: The Origami King guides for more such helpful tips.