Paper Mario Origami King Scissors Boss – How To Beat

In this boss battle guide, learn tips to beat the Scissors boss in Paper Mario Origami King. Know the attacks and weaknesses of this enemy.

The Scissors boss is one of the stationary bosses you will encounter in Paper Mario Origami King. But it is far from stationary. It is a deadly enemy with intentions to cut you. Yikes – not a great thing for Paper Mario. But don’t worry, because in this guide, you will know all the boss fight tips to beat the Paper Mario Origami King Scissors boss.

How to Defeat Scissors in Paper Mario Origami King

The sharp blades of the scissor will be covered up in the initial part of the battle. You have 60 seconds to think of a good strategy with the rings to fight it. During this part, you have to make sure to attack the handle of the Scissors instead of breaking the cover open. If you do that, the blades will be exposed, so attack the handle part. You can use Hammer and Boots attacks for this purpose.

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After doing this, the Paper Mario Origami King Scissor boss will get annoyed and remove its cover. It’s time to fight the blades! But there’s a way to tackle it. You must press A to jump at the right moment when the Scissors attack from the blade side. This attack will be called Final Cut so be sure to avoid it.

You can also use the Ice Vellumental to stop the Scissors in its tracks by freezing. This will give you the opportunity to deal a lot of damage to it. If you want, you can also summon the Water Vellumental. Keep doing this until you weaken it more and more.

But the real attack that will eventually take down the enemy is the 1000 Fold Arms attack. Use it when the Scissors are frozen to finish the boss battle with a victory.

These were all the things to keep in mind to beat the Paper Mario Origami King Scissors Boss. We have also covered helpful tips on beating the Colored Pencils boss, so go ahead and read that one too.