Coin Farming: How To Get Coins Fast In Paper Mario Origami King

In this Coin Farming guide, you will learn how to farm and get coins quickly in Paper Mario Origami King. Follow these tips to earn more coins easily.

Coins play a big role in the world of Paper Mario. They can come in handy during boss battles, you can use them for Toad Cheers and to purchase items. If you want to get coins fast in Paper Mario Origami King, read this guide for some ways to do it.

Coin Farming Guide: Best Way to Get Coins Fast in Paper Mario Origami King

Here are some tips to farm infinite coins in early game as well as late game.

Not-Bottomless Holes

If you see any Not-Bottomless Holes, be sure to fix them – especially the big ones. You can get up to 45 coins per Not-Bottomless hole you fill with confetti.

River Rapids

Complete the River Rapids mini-game again and again to earn a quick buck. There will be some normal coins and some big coins too so make the most of this mini-game.

Enemy Battles

Another way to get more coins fast in Paper Mario Origami King is to engage in enemy battles. The best thing is that the enemies will respawn when you re-enter an area so get all the bonuses you can. When you win battles without getting damage and complete puzzles, you are bound to get more coins easily. Plus, there’s the wave battle bonus too. You can read our boss battle guides to know how to defeat them perfectly and if you manage to do it, you can earn infinite coins through this method.

? Blocks

Also, whenever you see ? blocks, make sure to hit them all because they can give you 100 coins every time. So this is the simplest way to get more coins in the game.

Explore Locations to Earn Coins Fast in Paper Mario

There are some locations that you can visit to get more coins. Scorching Sandpaper Desert, Autumn Mountain and Scuffle Island are two of them. In the Desert, you will see some areas on the ground that are glowing. Dig those spots and get tons of coins from them. Keep doing this to get more and more coins. In Scuffle Island, you can complete all the seven rounds which will give you more than thirty thousand coins when you do it the first time.

Hidden Toads

Finally, another way to earn coins is to find Hidden Toads. Although doing this doesn’t give you a lot of coins, it is worth a try if you really want a few more added.

These are all the ways you can earn and farm coins in Paper Mario Origami King. For more such helpful tips, check our other guides on GamerTweak right away.