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Paper Mario Origami King Stapler Boss Guide – How To Defeat

In this boss battle guide, learn how to beat Stapler easily. With these tips, remove Staples fast and win the fight.

The Paper Mario Origami King Stapler boss is the enemy you have to beat before you move on to King Olly. Knowing its attacks and weaknesses beforehand will give you a clue about your counterattacks. So, in this guide, we will give you some hints and tips on how to beat the Paper Mario Origami King Stapler.

How to Defeat Stapler In Paper Mario Origami King

This boss is quite a tough one to tackle but here are a few tips you can keep in mind to take it down. It has folded Bowser and to bring him back to normalcy, you have to beat the Fanged Fastener Stapler.

In this Stapler boss fight, you have 60 seconds and 3 ring movements for every turn. Make sure that you choose the movements smartly so that you end up close to it and use the 1000 Folded Arms attack. Like always, this attack comes handy to deal a high amount of damage. Remember to attack it when it is reloading its staples – this is the best time to unleash heavy damage.

It will also try to bite you so block every such attack of the Paper Mario Origami King Stapler. Unlike other Stationary bosses, this one is more powerful so be prepared.

In the next phase of the battle, the Stapler will reload with red staples and they are deadlier than the normal ones. At this point, use either Boots, Hammer or 1000 Folded Arms. If you utilize a jump attack, you will be able to remove more staples.

A useful tip is to remember when the Stapler uses which attack. For example, if you are nearby, the stapler will pin you with two staples (Dog Tag attack). On the other hand, if you are far, it will shoot more staples at you (Staple Gun attack). Since the boss is weakest when reloading, you can keep these tactics in mind to use to your advantage.

There will be one more color change and this time, the staples will be golden. These are the most dangerous ones of all. The strategy remains the same and if you follow these steps, you can win against the Stapler boss easily.


When you win the fight, the folded Bowser will return to its proper form and there will be a fun interaction between them.

This was how to defeat the Paper Mario Origami King Stapler boss. Do check out our guide on how to farm coins quickly in this game as well.