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Outriders: How To Improve Rarity Of All Gear

Here's how to Improve the Rarity of your gears in Outriders.

Improving the Rarity of your gears is the easiest way to carry your favorite weapons along with you once you are rising up in World Tiers. But the exact method might not be outright obvious in the game. So today let’s see how to Improve the Rarity of your gears in Outriders.

How to Improve Rarity of Gear in Outriders?


To Improve Rarity in Outriders you need to unlock crafting by saving Dr. Abraham Zahedi from First City in the Dedication mission. After the mission, he will be available in your main camp. You can choose Improve Rarity choice from his menu options.

Outriders How To Improve Rarity

Improve the rarity of your gear to increase its primary parameters like firepower and gain an additional mod. The enhanced item’s bonus attribute values will be increased at random. You’ll also have the option of adding one of three randomly generated Mods to the piece.


It costs Iron for Weapons and Leather for Armor to increase the rarity of Unusual objects. Titanium is needed to increase the rarity of Rare objects. Epic and Legendary objects’ rarity cannot be increased. This means that you can only increase rarity from Unusual to Rare and Rare to Epic. Whereas upgrading from Epic to Legendary is not the case.

So, if you have a green rarity rifle, you can upgrade it to the blue rarity for a small amount of Iron, giving it a huge firepower boost as well as a powerful mod to use. Titanium, which is dropped by bosses and captains, is needed to further upgrade weapons to purple rarity. The same applies to your armor.

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