Outriders: Pyromancer Best Build

Here's how to get the best Pyromancer Build in Outriders.

There are four playable classes available in the game Outriders. Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster. You can create up to six characters to try each one. Each class has eight skills in total, starting with a single one and unlocking more as they level up. Only three can be equipped at a time. Each class has also three sub-classes you spec out with the skill tree, and you are free to change that at any time. So you will be wondering how to rock the best build you can possible. So today let’s try to look at how to get the best Pyromancer builds in Outriders.

All Pyromancer Skills in Outriders

Pyromancer Outriders Build

To have the best Pyromancer build, you need to understand all Pyromancer skills to choose the best abilities as per your playing style. So here are details about Pyromancer’s skills:


Summon a fiery wave that deals damage and inflicts Burn to all enemies in its path.

Feed the Flames

Pull an enemy toward you, dealing damage, draining Health, and inflicting Ash.

Thermal Bomb

Select an enemy to Burn, Interrupt and deal damage to. If killed while still afflicted by the skill, the enemy will explode, dealing damage in a large radius.


Deals a little damage to all enemies in a large radius and Interrupts their skills. Enemies afflicted with Burn receive additional damage and the Burn will be consumed.

Volcanic Rounds

Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that will inflict Burn within a small radius and pierce targets, damaging enemies behind them. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons.

Ash Blast

Create an Anomaly blast to inflict Ash on all enemies in a large radius around you.

F.A.S.E.R Beam

Fire an energy beam that deals damage that benefits from 125% of Status Power, inflicting Burn and causing Interrupt.


Create a volcanic eruption beneath the selected enemy, dealing damage to them, and all enemies within a small radius around the target.

Best Pyromancer Builds in Outriders Demo

Outriders build Pyromancer

Now as you know all the skills, you need to match them with appropriate Mods in Outriders to buff your Pyromancer’s skills. They are the passive skills added while crafting weapons & armor. It will more extra benefits to your Pyromancer build. So now you understand both skills & mods here’s how to make the perfect build for your playstyle:

  • The best skill that Pyromancer must equip is Thermal Bomb skill. It’s so powerful it literally obliterates enemies. So you need to build your character around this skill.
  • Make sure to increase your Anomaly Power. It increases the damage dealt by your skills and other attacks.
  • The initial hit and even the explosive AOE damage are enough to kill enemies in the highest World Tier in the demo.
  • Spend your Class Points on Archmage & World Ablaze in the Class Tree (Outrider’s skill tree). Archmage increases your Anomaly Power by 6%, and World Ablaze reduces the cooldown of your “explosive” skills by 15%.
  • For the mods, you need to use add some mods that directly influence the Thermal Bomb.
  • All available mods Pyromancer are Ash Grasp, Big Boom, Burning Ground, Fire Frenzy, Lasting Fire, True Blast, Wildfire, Branded, and Double Fun.

Best Mods to Improve the Pyromancer Builds

Outriders Pyromancer

  • For the demo, the best ones to have for your to build are Big Boom & True Blast.
    Big Boom increases the explosion radius of the Thermal Bomb by 20%. This will engulf more foes in your AOE flames.
  • True Blast increases explosion damage of Thermal Bomb by 178. This can be increased by your Anomaly Points and also by the gear you are wearing.
  • Once you have all of these, your first objective in co-op or solo is to attack and kill the weakest target in an enemy group.
  • Hitting the weakest enemy with a Thermal Bomb and then killing them before the time limit of the Thermal Bomb will trigger the secondary AOE blast and take down other enemies surrounding them.
  • Adding Wildfire mod will also inflict Burn on every enemy damaged by the explosion.
  • The second skill you need to equip alongside Thermal Bomb is Overheat.
  • You can initiate you attacks your attacks by Thermal Bomb and then use Overheat to inflict burn damage and also stop them from using their skills.
  • Adding Phoenix Force Mod will enhance Overheat and you will earn additional 25 Anomaly Power per status consumed by the skill for 8 seconds. This stacks up to 10 times to burn 10 enemies.
  • That’s a very strong build you have right there. For the third skill, use Heatwave or Feed the Flames for their abilities as mentioned above.

That’s everything there is to know about how to get the best Pyromancer builds in Outriders. Meanwhile,  check out our linked guides here to know more tips & tricks in Outriders. The game is still in demo but will be releasing as a complete game on April 1st 2021.