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Outriders Class Tier List (2022): Best Classes Ranked

Here's everything you needed to know about the best classes in Outriders ranked in a Tier List.

We can’t stop playing Outriders. The 3 player max co-op means you need to mix match and find the best classes that work for your player team. This is better than having all 4 classes on the same battlefield all the time. This would have made the game totally chaotic with all the powers and visual effects. So you might be wondering which would be the best classes to equip when playing with friends or even solo. So today let’s look at the Outriders Tier List and rank the classes.

Outriders Classes Ranked – Best Class Tier List

This Outriders tier list is purely based on our hundreds of hours of gaming sessions but hey it’s just our personal opinion here on this list. Because many of the skills are not unlockable in the early game due to the class tress system, we will focus depending on the early builds you can have in the game. So let’s look at what might work for you.

Rank 4: Pyromancer

Pyromancer Class Tier List Rank

I know many of you feel it is not valid to put Pyromancer in the last place. Heck, I even sometimes take Pyromancer in my co-op sessions. I understand playing Pyromancer in solo means a lot of running and finding covers due to the skill cooldowns. The way Pyromancer heals is also an issue. You only heal when you kill the “marked” enemies with your skills, this is outright challenging once you climb up the World Tiers to unlock the rewards.

But in co-op, if you think Pyromancer is not good enough, then you are not playing it right. The best ability in the entire game apart from Trickster’s Slow Trap is Pyromancer’s Thermal Bomb. If you build a Pyromancer around this ability and available mods, then you will be a force to reckon with in the battleground. The explosion damage over a large radius is good enough to take down any group of enemies in the game. Combine this with Ash Blast that you unlock in Lev 13 to stop enemies on track and feed them the flames. Pyromancer is clearly supposed to a strong class later in the game. So for now, we will keep this class on 4th ranking due to lack of available skill sets. But before tossing Pyromancer out check out our guide here to get the best possible Pyromancer to build around the Thermal Bomb and mods.

Rank 3: Technomancer

Technomancer Class Tier List

Another class that is clearly meant to be a late-game killer machine with skills like Fixing Wave which restores 33% of Health to all players and 50% of Health to your turrets regardless of distance. Combining this with Lev 22’s Blighted Turret and your Cryo Turret will make you unstoppable in the game. But Technomancer doesn’t have many abilities to crowd control. Yes, you can use your Cryo Turret to deals damage and inflicts Freeze onto enemies to render them immobile and make them unable to perform any actions. But you need to still depend on your teammate’s skills to finish them off.

The melee skill with Freeze is a bonus for this class. It does not require a skill slot nor any Class Points. But the issue is that it increases its cooldown with each subsequent use. But we kept this class on 3rd as this should be your long-range damage dealer, whereas Pyromancer was just a medium to close damage dealer. Technomancer has increased 15% long-range Weapon Damage. So your Technomancer needs to protect next both classes in the list with rifles and snipers.

Rank 2: Devastator (Outriders Class Tier List Rank)

Devastator Class Tier List Rank

Devastator is a total beast in Outriders during early games. Before anything, check out its class traits:

  • Receive additional 15% maximum Health.
  • Increase Armor by 30%.
  • Every close-range kill heals you by 24% of your maximum health.

Your class traits make you the defacto tank for your team. There are very few things in-game that can totally pin you down. As the Devastator, you will recover health from slain enemies that stood too close to you before their demise. This healing mechanism is really simple and strong in the game. And everything about that melee though, by which you can inflict Bleed damage to all enemies within a small radius. Bleed will deal damage over time while the infected move, which almost all the enemies do. This is the best class to equip a shotgun and walk towards your foes and shoot at their face directly. The abilities you unlock from the early game are excellent for crowd control. The damage this class can take, plus its regeneration properties and crowd control abilities would have made this the best class in both solo and co-op games if not for the next class on the list.

Rank 1: Trickster

Trickster Build

Trickster is hands down the best class in Outriders. Using your skill “Hunt the Prey” where you can teleport behind any selected enemies, and kill them to receive a shield bonus. Combine it with “Slow Trap” to slow down all enemies and their bullets. Watching a Tricker do a Temporal Blade is enough to fall in love with the class. Trickster is pretty good at taking damages too. Each enemy killed in close range heals you and grants a portion of Shield. This shield combined with your health is enough to take some heavy blows.

You can even deal extra damage with Twisted Rounds, which fill your weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that deal significantly more damage to enemies. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons. Combine Twisted Rounds, Slow Trap, to control a crowd successfully and use Hunt the Prey to finish off the last standing ones. There is nothing in the game currently better than a well-played Trickster.

That’s everything you needed to know about the best classes in Outriders ranked in a Tier List. While you are here check out more tips & tricks about Outriders in our Outriders Guides.