Outriders: How To Get Class Points For Skill Tree?

Here's how to get Class Points in Outriders.

Outriders demo came out for all the major platforms and in both console generations. It is made by People Can Fly (former Epic Games Poland), in the beautiful Unreal Engine 4. It looks stunning and we can’t stop playing the demo with all four classes named Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. You can customize each class to unlock different abilities and skills. These can be done by using Class Points in Class Tree. So here’s how to get class points for the skill trees in Outriders.

How to Get Class Points for Skill Tree in Outriders Demo?

To earn Class Points you need to level up your character. By the time you level up your character to level 30, you will receive 20 Class Points. In the free demo, as the level cap is 7, you will only be able to collect 2 Class Points, one at level 5 and the other at level 7. In the full game, you can reach World Tier 15, allowing you to explore the full single strand of a class tree. But you can reset the skill tree and get back all the Class Points you spend to obtain other skills to try out a different build. The best way to get more class points by leveling up characters is by increasing World Tier.

Class Points OutridersHow to Use Class Tree?

Class points can be used to unlock Class Tree nodes. This can be found in the Class tab within the Hero Menu. The Class Tree acts as the main skill & ability upgrades in Outriders. It has 3 primary branches allowing you to upgrade your skill focused on Survival, Anomaly Power, and Weapon Damage. Selecting different nodes allows you to change your playstyle within each class. The small nodes in the Class Tree allow you to collect bonus attributes for your character. The Large nodes grant you special percentage-based bonus upgrades. This is much more significant and modifies your game mechanics much more than small nodes.

That’s everything there is to know about getting Class Points in Outriders. Meanwhile,  check out our linked guides here to know more tips & tricks in Outriders.