Outriders: How To Fast Travel

Here's how to fast travel in Outriders by using Explorer Flags & Return Points.

In the world of hostile planet Enoch, while everything around is set on killing you. Mankind was devastated when they were hit by Anomaly, a mysterious phenomenon in Enoch. This triggered a massive energy storm that converted humans to Altered and stranded them by destroying their ships and the technology they brought with them. Even though you lost all the technology to go escape the planet or go to other continents, at least we have the Travel Flags to teleport wherever we want in Enoch, but with a catch. So today let’s look at how to fast-travel in Outriders.

How to Fast Travel in Outriders?

Outriders How to Fast Travel Explorer Flags

To fast travel in Outriders you need to either use Explorer Flags or Return Points. Explorer Flags are the two-way travel point in the game. To get an Explorer Flag you need to first seize it from enemy humans. As these flags are really precious in Enoch, they will always be heavily guarded by enemies. You will have to blaze your guns to reach them. Once the guarded area is clear of enemies, go near the flag and capture it using the on-screen prompt. You can keep it anywhere in the sector you are currently in. Use them to more back and forth to your camp or even other Explorer Flags in the zone.

Outriders How to Fast Travel Return Point

The Return Points, as the name suggests can only be used to return from the node to the Explorer Flags you seized. To use these Return Points, you need to approach them and select the Explorer Flag you want to travel from here. This is a one-way ticket so you won’t be able to come back to the Return Point from the Flags. Also, you cannot travel from one Return Point to another Return Point.

That’s everything there is to know about how to fast-travel in Outriders. Meanwhile,  check out our linked guides here to know more tips & tricks in Outriders.