Outriders: How To Beat Captain Reiner – Boss In Payback Side Mission

Here's how to defeat Captain Reiner in Outriders. Know the best tips, tricks & strategy to use in this boss fight & kill Reiner.

So you have finished your Outriders prologue. You have selected your hero class from Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, or Trickster. Furthermore, you have set out in Enoch testing out your new altered skills and abilities. Maybe you have joined the co-op mode to enjoy it with your friends or other strangers. Then while playing the main mission you come across a wounded ECA corporal, and she gives you a side quest. You accept the mission and sets your foot into a new area in Warzone Valley. You kill your insurgent foes and finally meet up with their boss who is holding his position inside a bunker. Now for the first time in the game, you died. Then you try again, you die again. If this is the sounding similar to your experience, then don’t worry you are at the right place. Today we will look at how to beat and defeat Captain Reiner in Outriders.

How to Find Captain Reiner?

Outriders Audrey Storm

Reiner shadows the next main boss battle with Gauss. Once you beat Captain Reiner you will receive 2x Loot Drop. Also, as he is not part of the main mission, many players missed the side quest. So for all the players who missed out on Reiner, here’s where to find him:

  • While doing your first Accolade mission, check the entire crossroads area once you kill the enemies.
  • You will meet a wounded ECA corporal named Audrey Storm sitting on the floor on a destroyed building near the road different from the main mission path. This is pretty easy to miss out on during the mission.
  • She seeks revenge against Captain Reiner for her fallen comrades.
  • She requests you to bring her Reiner’s head, leading to the side quest Payback.
  • Enter the door towards the left side to start the quest.
  • Immediately find a cover, as there will be a sniper to take care of your advancements.
  • Survive the waves of attack and take out sniper to advance ahead.
  • Make sure to heal as per your class’s abilities as pure gunfight won’t take you anywhere in this quest.
  • Try to advance through the left side of the area, as one more wave of enemies will spawn on the right side.
  • Being on the left will give you enough position to take cover.
  • Beware of the grenades though. When you see the grenade throwing animation headshots to make them take out the crowd of surrounding enemies.
  • Once you kill the final sniper, make sure to clear out all the chests in the area.
  • Pick up the Key to go inside the bunker to face the boss.
  • On the way, you will have the opportunity to restock your ammo.
  • There is no way you will miss this, so make sure to restock. Cause no bullets will be enough for what’s coming next.
  • Climb up the stairway to start the boss fight.

How to Defeat Captain Reiner (Boss) in Outriders Payback Side Mission?

Outriders interrupts and resistance

To defeat Captain Reiner (Boss) in Outriders Payback side mission, you need to use everything you learned till this point and make the best out of it. The key to winning this battle is using your skills with the keyword Interrupt. If you’re playing this boss fight for first time, then chances are you are in early world levels and t=below are the skill you need to equip:

Devastator Earthquake
Gravity Leap
Pyromancer Thermal Bomb
Technomancer Scrapnel
Pain Launcher
Trickster Temporal Blade

If you missed the details about the importance of Interrupt skill during the pop-up tutorial.  Here’s the info you need to know:

  • Cause all the bosses you encounter will have a filling Casting Bar which shows they are concentrating to use their abilities. You need to hit a casting enemy with your Interrupt skills to stop them.
  • When you use skills that interrupt or immobilize elite enemies, those enemies build-up resistance. When resistance built-up the enemy gets engulfed in a blue aura.
  • The blue aura indicates that the enemy is temporarily immune to interrupt and immobilizing effects. The bar around the blue icon indicates how long this effect will last.

Captain Reiner Boss Fight Tips


So now as you know about which skill to use according to your class in order to interrupt Captain Reiner, let’s look at how to beat him in this boss fight:

  • Once the battle starts make sure to take out the enemies surrounding him.
  • It is important not to start attacking Reiner directly.
  • This will give him more opportunity to heal once the soldiers chip away your health, and you heal.
  • When you see his orange bar is filling up, use your Interrupt Skill on him immediately.
  • If you are using a Pyromancer build around Thermal Bomb, then make use to mark and kill the soldier right next to Reiner.
  • For other classes your Interrupt skill doesn’t depend on marking anyone, so use it directly on the boss.
  • Also, constantly dodge the spiraling fire tornado Reiner throws on you.
  • Mind your surroundings, even you killed waves of the soldiers, more huge ones will spawn with shotguns soon.
  • Kill the soldiers with your weapons and use your abilities on Reiner and don’t allow him to heal.
  • Keep repeating this till the other insurgent soldiers stop spawning.
  • Once you are along with Captain Reiner, it’s time to go full out on him.
  • Blaze your guns for headshots, use your abilities whenever the cooldown is over.
  • Before you know it, Reiner will be crawling on the floor before you land your final blow.
  • Once he’s dead, collect all the loot from boxes inside the room first.
  • Finally, give Audrey Storm (wounded soldier) Captain Reiner’s severed head to collect some cool loot from her.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Captain Reiner in Outriders. While you are here, also check out more tips & tricks in our Outriders Guides.