Valheim New Items And Weapons In Hearth And Home Update

Here's every new item, weapon and tool added to Valheim in the Hearth and Home Update.

Valheim is back in the news because the much-awaited Hearth and Home Update is finally here. It brings quite a few new items and weapons and if you are ready to begin your journey to collect the resources required for crafting, this guide will help you along the way. Plus, we’ve listed all the new food items that you can get your hands on as well.

Valheim Hearth and Home New Items and Weapons

valheim hearth and home new food items crafting recipes

Here are all the new weapons and items you can get in Valheim.

New Food items and the Crafting Recipes

  • Black Soup
    • Bloodbag x1
    • Honey x1
    • Turnip x1
  • Boar Jerky
    • Boar meat x1
    • Honey x1
  • Deer Stew
    • Blueberries x1
    • Carrot x1
    • Cooked deer meat x1
  • Eyescream
    • Greydwarf eye x3
    • Freeze gland x1
  • Minced Meat Sauce
    • Boar meat x1
    • Neck tail x1
    • Carrot x1
  • Muckshake
    • Ooze x1
    • Raspberries x2
    • Blueberries x2
  • Onion Soup
    • Onion x3
  • Wolf Jerky
    • Wolf meat x1
    • Honey x1
  • Wolf Skewer
    • Wolf meat x1
    • Mushroom x2
    • Onion x1
  • Bread Dough
  • Cooked Deer Meat
  • Cooked Wolf Meat

As you can tell, this was a massive update which can really bring you back to the game in case you had sort of abandoned it due to lack of updates. You can check out the entire list of Valheim patch notes on Steam. You will find that the Lox have a purpose now and you can name your pets. Be sure to find out everything that’s new or if you are interested to figure it out yourself by exploring the game, that’s cool too!

This is all about every new item and weapon added to Valheim Hearth and Home. If you want to get in-depth info about them in detail, make sure to click on their guide links and learn more.