How To Get Thunder Stone In Valheim?

Read this guide to learn how you can get the Thunder Stone in Valheim.

The Thunder Stone is one of the most important items in Valheim. With it, you will be able to craft the Obliterator. As the name suggests, the Obliterator is used to destroy items that may be unwanted or of no use. This makes the Thunder Stone an essential item, and in this guide, we will show you how you can acquire it.

How to Get Thunder Stone in Valheim?

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To get your hands on the Thunder Stone in Valheim, you will need to purchase it from Haldor the Trader. This is the only way you can acquire this item. You will find Haldor in the Black Forest biome in the game. Finding him can be a bit of a task at times. This is because he tends to move around quite a lot in the Black Forest biome. Because of this, we recommend you thoroughly scout the area for him. Once you do find Haldor for the first time, he will be marked with a white coin sack icon on the map.

After you locate Haldor the Trader, speak to him to see the different items he has. He will show you a list of items you can purchase from him. Among these, you will find the Thunder Stone. Buying this item from Haldor will cost you 50 gold coins. Another easy way to identify the stone is with its description, which reads “It is crackling with energy.” As soon as you purchase the Thunder Stone, you will automatically unlock the Obliterator’s crafting recipe.

You will only need one Stone, four Copper Ingots, and eight Iron Ingots to make the Obliterator. Of all of these materials, the Thunder Stone is the most crucial. So, make sure you acquire it before all of the other items.

Now that you know how to get the Thunder Stone, check out how to craft and get the Obliterator in Valheim.