How To Make & Use The Cartography Table In Valheim?

Read this guide to learn how you can make and use the Cartography Table in Valheim.

The Cartography Table is one of the many new items and features to grace the Hearth and Home update in Valheim. This piece of furniture enables you to copy the information on your map. Doing so will allow you to share map information with your friends. In this guide, we will show you how to make and use it.

How to Make and Use the Cartography Table in Valheim?

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To make the Cartography Table in Valheim, you will first need the following items and resources. Since crafting the table is the only way you can get it, you will have to make sure you get your hands on the resources mentioned below before you benefit from the table’s features.

  • Workbench (Level 1)
  • 10 Fine wood
  • 10 Bone Fragments
  • 5 Leather Scraps
  • 4 Raspberries
  • 2 Bronze
  • Hammer

Of all of these items, wood is the easiest to get your hands on. All you need to do is look for the countless trees scattered in and around the map in Valheim. Chopping these trees will give you wood. If you use a bronze axe or better, you will get fine wood. To do so, you will have to chop oak and birch trees.

You will receive Bone Fragments by killing skeletons. Find them is not a difficult task, as there are scores of these hollow cretins inside the burial chambers in and around the Black Forest biome.

You can get Bronze by mixing 2 Coppers and 1 Tin in a forge. As for leather and berries, you do not really have to worry about how to get those. Boars drop leather, and you will find an abundance of raspberries in the Meadows.

You will find the map table listed under the Miscellaneous tab. You will find this tab in the crafting menu of the game.

This is how you can make the Cartography Table in Valheim. As you can see, the materials are quite easy to obtain. A few rounds of foraging the map should produce all of the required resources. Now, let us see how you can use this table in the game.

How to Use the Table?

Now that we have seen how the Cartography Table is made in Valheim, it is time to see what makes it so special, and what its use is in the game.

As we mentioned earlier, this table is a piece of furniture that allows you to copy the existing content present in your current map. By doing so, you will be able to share your map with friends. For example, if you are playing Valheim on a server, you will be able to share all of the information about your map with a friend who may be visiting you.

This map table features two different points of interaction. Of these, the first point allows you to record any discoveries you may have made. It will then also shift all of the information on your map to the Cartography Table. This information includes any text that may have been added to the map, as well as any new markers. The second option of the table will allow you to read the map. This point allows other people to copy your map’s information onto their own respective maps.

You will find this second point of interaction to be extremely helpful when you are part of a group that wants to split up in order to explore different regions. Additionally, the ability to be able to share information like map markers and terrain will make the sharing of the locations of stockpiles and dungeons much easier.

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