How To Get Crystal Shards And Craft Crystal Battleaxe In Valheim?

Find out how to get the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim.

You will now be able to craft a Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim. This is one of the new weapons that have been introduced as part of the Hearth and Home update in the game. The Crystal Battleaxe is an overpowered weapon with really high damage stats. So, you can wave goodbye to all those tough boss fights with this powerful, new weapon.

How to Craft Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim?

Valheim Crystal Battleaxe: How To Get Crystal Shards And Craft Axe

To craft the Crystal Battleaxe you will need to have a Forge with a minimum level of 3. After that you will need to have the following items as resources:

Make sure that you have all these items equipped in your inventory. Do not keep them locked up in any of the chests. If you do not have enough inventory space, simply drop items or place them in storage chests. Now, go over to the forge next to your workbench. Over here you will have to open the crafting menu. Scroll down in the list and you will see the option for Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim. Click on it and then click on the craft button to make one. Now, you will be able to equip it as a weapon or instrument.

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How to get Crystal Shards?

The best way to get Crystal Shards is to go to the Mountain Biome. For this, you will first have to kill Stone Golems. They are the only enemies that drop this resource in the game.

This is everything that you need to know about how to get Crystal Shards and make the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim. While you are you can also have a look at How To Ride Lox In Valheim.