Where To Find Valheim Onion Seeds Location

Find out more about the new Onions resource in Valheim.

The new Hearth and Home update in Valheim also brings a new resource, Onion Seeds. Are you crying tears of joy or did someone cut an onion? Jokes apart there is now a new item that you can use for cooking recipes in the game. So, scroll down and find out where to find this resource in the game as well as all the new recipes.

Where to Find Onion Seeds Location in Valheim?

Valheim Onion Seeds: Hearth & Home Update Onion Crafting Recipes

You will be able to find the Onion Seeds in the Mountain Biome. We won’t be able to give you a confirmed location of the same. This is because the map generates randomly for all players in the game. So, even if we give you a location, you won’t be able to find it.

However, the tip that seems to work the best for us is that you should go to an unexplored place in the mountains biome. Once you are here, you will have to look around for a broken house. It might take some searching, but, you will eventually find one. Just enter the house and look for a chest. Inside the chest, you will get Onion Seeds you can use in Valheim.

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How to Use Onion Seeds?

To use the Onion Seeds you will have to plant them in the ground. Simply plant them in the soil and they will be ripe enough to harvest. This usually will take a total of three days to happen.

Food recipes

  • Wolf skewer: You will need to have One Wolf meat, two mushrooms, and one Onion.
  • Onion soup: You will need to have Three Onions.

This is everything you need to know about Onion Seeds in Valheim. While you are here you can also have a look at how to craft a Stone Oven.