Valheim Stone Oven Guide: How To Craft An Oven To Bake Food Items

Here's how to make a Stone Oven in Valheim to bake new food items.

The highly-awaited Hearth and Home update is finally here after a long time and it brings along various new items to craft and find. In this guide, we will take a look at how to make a Stone Oven in Valheim so that you can bake your favorite food items. Know which resources you need, how to get them and further ahead, I will also explain the process to place it.

How to Craft a Stone Oven in Valheim?

How to Craft a Stone Oven in Valheim

If you want to add a Stone Oven to your kitchen in Valheim and elevate your cooking process, here are the ingredients you need to craft one:

How to Get the Ingredients to Make the Stone Oven?

Stones are super easy to find on the ground so you won’t have any trouble with this resource. You can whip out your pickaxe and mine rocks to get stones as well.

Surtling cores are dropped by Surtlings in the Swamp biome. All you have to do is find the fiery creatures near geysers. They won’t be alone though so be prepared. If you don’t want to defeat a Surtling, you can visit the Black Forest and locate a Burial Chamber dungeon. Once you head inside, you can find Surtling cores in chests or randomly along your way.

Now, let’s discuss how to get Iron Ingots. You have to venture into the Swamp’s Sunken Crypts to find Scrap Iron which you can mine from Muddy Scrap Piles. Do remember that in order to get inside the Crypt, you will require a Swamp key. You can get it as a drop after you defeat The Elder in the Black Forest.

Once you have the Scrap iron, smelt it to make Iron Ingots. You will need to use the Smelter and use Coal as your fuel. It will take 30 seconds to make one.

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How to Place the Oven?

Once you have all the ingredients required, you will have to equip a Hammer to place the Stone Oven on your choice of ground. Ensure that it’s an ideal and stable location to place it otherwise it will fall apart. What you need to do is right-click and open up the Build menu. Locate the Oven in the Crafting area and place it by using the left-click mouse button. To get it up and running, use fuel like Coal and start cooking!

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