Valheim Silver Knife: How To Craft & Make One?

Find out how to craft the Silver Knife in Valheim.

Silver Knife is one of the new weapons in the new Valheim Hearth and Home update. As before, knives are superbly overpowered in the game. This weapon has quite high damage stats that will help you see off enemies with relative ease in the game. So, scroll down and find out how to craft and get the Silver Knife in the game.

How to Make a Silver Knife in Valheim?

Valheim Silver Knife: How To Craft Weapon In Hearth & Home Update

To craft the Crystal Battleaxe you will need to have a Forge with a minimum level of 3. After that you will need to have the following items as resources:

  • Two units of Wood
  • Ten units of Silver
  • Two units of Leather Scraps
  • Two units of Iron

Make sure that you have all of these resources equipped in your inventory. If you do not have enough inventory space, simply drop items or place them in storage chests. Do not keep any of the necessary resources in the chests.  Now, go over to the forge that is next to your workbench. Once you are here, you will have to open the crafting menu. Scroll down in the list and you will see the option for Silver Knife in Valheim. Click on it and then click on the craft button to make one. Now, you will be able to equip it as a weapon or instrument.

This Silver Knife is pretty useful for short-range combat. You can use it to fight off enemies like the Skeletons. The main item in this recipe is Silver which you can get by beating Bonemass in the game. You can get iron by using ore in the smelter.

This is everything you need to know about how to craft and get a Silver Knife in Valheim. While you are here, you can also have a look at How To Get Crystal Shards And Craft Crystal Battleaxe In Valheim.