Valheim Iron Cooking Station: How To Craft And Use It?

Craft an Iron Cooking Station in Valheim to roast your food.

The new Hearth and Home update for Valheim allows you to build an Iron Cooking Station. This adds some medieval realism to the game as you live out your wildest Nordic fantasies. So, now you can go and have a barbecue, just the way Odin desired. Scroll down and find out how to craft an Iron Cooking Station.

How to Craft an Iron Cooking Station in Valheim?

Iron Cooking Station Valheim | Hearth And Home Update Cooking Guide

To craft an Iron Cooking Station you will need to have a Forge. Next, you just have to go up to your Forge and interact with it. In the crafting menu that subsequently opens, you will be able to see the option for an Iron Cooking Station. This will also show you the resources required to craft said cooking station. These resources are as follows:

  • 3 Units of Iron Bars
  • 3 Units of Chains

To get the chains in the game, you will have to visit the crypts. You can also get them from wraiths. However, to visit the sunken crypts you will need to have a swamp key. Only then can you actually get the chains from the crypts to craft the Iron Cooking station in Valheim.

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How to use the Cooking Station?

To use the Iron Cooking Station, you just have to follow the steps similar to previous cooking racks. Simply put a fire under the cooking station and make sure that it is covered. Then all you have to do is interact with the cooking station and place your food items on the rack. Once they are cooked, you can consume them.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to craft and use the Iron Cooking Station in Valheim. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Make And Place The Spice Rack.