Valheim How To Make And Place The Spice Rack

Here's how to make and place Spice Rack in Valheim.

Many players are finding it confusing about how to make and place the Spice Rack in Valheim. It is a bit frustrating considering it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Some players starting even wondering what is the use of this Spice Rack and if it is worth additional effort to place them. So today we will try to solve all your doubts and help you finally hang a Spice Rack without getting an “Invalid Placement” error, right away.

How to Make and Place Spice Rack in Valheim

Valheim Spice Rack
Image Courtesy: ZumaUpload (YT)

To make Spice Rack using Workbench in Valheim you will need x2 Carrot, x3 Dandelion, x3 Thistle, x3 Turnip, and x5 Mushroom. To place your Spice Rack, you will need to be near a Cauldron, and you need a structure where it can hang from. So the best place is to place your Spice Rack hanging on the roof above your Cauldron. You can also use a horizontal beam to hang them, instead of roofs. Apart from these, they won’t attach to any other walls or structures in the game. You can use Spice Rack to upgrade your Cauldron to level 2.

Also note that if your Cauldron is near the house wall, then you can even go outside and hang the Spice Rack on the roof outside, as long as it is within the required area of the Cauldron placement. This is a good idea considering how much space this item will consume. So if you have a tight place then you should probably hang it outside.

Spice Rack will also unlock and give you new recipes. So with a level 2 Cauldron, you will be able to make the below food items:

  • Black Soup – A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity
  • Muckshake – Wakes you up!
  • Onion Soup – Deliciously rich

Here’s a YouTube video from ZumaUpload showcasing Valheim  Hearth & Home update solo gameplay with Spice Rack near the Cauldron. We liked his placement so much, we used screenshots from his video as our feature image and even inside this article. Check it out once:

That’s everything you need to know about how to make and place Spice Rack in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. There’s a lot that is unexplained in the game but our guides will make things super easy for you.