Valheim Deer Meat: How To Get & Use It

Here's how to get Deer Meat in Valheim.

With the new Hearth and Home update, players get to explore and craft a lot of new items. The devs have now added the option to get Deer meat in Valheim and if you are curious to know how to get it and how to use it, check out this guide.

How to Get Deer Meat in Valheim?

valheim deer meat

To obtain Deer Meat in Valheim, you have to, well, hunt down Deer. They are quick animals, though, so you have to sneak up on them by crouching and use your melee weapon at the right time. You can also choose to shoot them using your bow from afar but ensure that your scent won’t warn them of your arrival. Refer to our deer hunting guide to find out how exactly to kill deer without wasting a lot of time following them around. You can spot these animals in the Meadows or Black Forest biome but the Meadows are your safest bet. There are a few other hostile creatures that you need to protect yourself from over there and they are Greylings, Necks, Greydwarves and even Fulings.

Once you hunt down the animal, approach it to collect Deer Meat. And after you cook it using a cooking station, consume it to get its benefits that will help you survive. With Deer Meat in Valheim, you get 35 health and 7 stamina.

Apart from Deer meat, players can also get their hands on Boar meat and wolf meat as well. Meat from a Boar will give you 30 health and 6 stamina whereas if you eat Wolf meat, you get 45 health and 9 stamina. As you can tell, the boar is the easiest to hunt and the wolf is the toughest which explains the number of benefits you get from eating their meat.

That’s everything about how to get Deer meat and use it to make your Viking thrive. Speaking of thriving and even, surviving, we’ve got lots of Valheim tips and tricks that will help you do just that. Don’t forget to check them out!