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Valheim Deer Hunting Guide: How To Kill Deer

Deer are quick creatures that will run as soon as they sense you around. Here are some tips on how to hunt Deer in Valheim & get Deer Trophy.

Deer is the one of first non-hostile creatures you find in the world of Valheim. They can be found plentiful in the Meadows biome. It’s no surprise deer roam here at the Meadows biome, as it is the safest biome in-game. But deer won’t hold back to even run into a totally different biome if they feel you are a threat. So hunting a deer either in Meadows or the Black Forest can be one of the trickiest things for an early player, who wants to collect some hide, meat, and even Trophy for summoning the first forsaken boss. So today let’s look at how to hunt deer in Valheim and collect Deer Trophy.

How to Kill Deer in Valheim?


To hunt deer efficiently in Valheim and collect Deer Trophy you need to follow below steps:

Always try to spot them in open areas or less dense spots in the forest, before they spot you. Make sure you sneak up to them by crouching, they are unlike Loxes where you can walk straight up to them.

Also, make sure to sneak up to them when the wind is not blowing your scent towards the deer. Wind direction will be indicated on the bottom left corner of the minimap. If the wind is blowing from behind you towards the deer, change your sneaking direction.


Crouching for a prolonged time will deplete your stamina completely and then you will stand up automatically. Make sure to stop in between crouching to not stand up and get noticed by the deer.

If you are using a ranged weapon like a spear or a bow make sure to aim the projectile slightly above the deer’s head as all ranged weapons travel in an arc. But if you are able to efficiently sneak up to the deer, then use your knife to kill it instantly.

Deer are prone to travel in a group. So if you want to hunt all of them from the herd, start picking up the ones that are slightly separated from the rest of the group.


You should run after a deer if it’s spooked. Wait a bit far away from the area, the deer will come back to the location once it calms down.

How to Get Deer Trophy and Other Rewards

If you notice stars or names over the health bars of a deer, then it will give you better rewards but will have more health too. They will give you different rewards like –


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Deer Hide 1 to 2 2 to 4 4 to 8
Deer Trophy 50% Chance 1 1 1
Raw Meat 2 4 8

How to Get Deer Meat?

valheim deer meat how to get

The new Hearth and Home update added the option to obtain Deer Meat. With Deer Meat in Valheim, you get 35 health and 7 stamina.

That’s all you have to know about how to kill Deer and collect Deer Trophy and Meat in Valheim. To know more such tips and tricks to be the best Viking in this game, check out our Valheim wiki right away.