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How To Get Off Minecart In Terraria

Here is a guide on how you can get off from your Minecart mount in Terraria.

Searching for the right controls to get off your Minecart ride in Terraria? If yes, then don’t worry we have got you covered. In the sandbox world, players will come across several mounts either creatures or objects that will help them traverse quickly while also dealing some or the other damage to their enemies. One such craftable mount that players can ride along in Terraria is the Minecart. Although getting in it is simple, players may get confused dismounting the ride as the game doesn’t simply mention how to. So if you are wondering about the controls and some other ways to do so, here is a guide you should check out further to know more.

How to Get Off Minecart in Terraria

how to dismount minecart in terraria
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Here are the three ways that players can use to get off from the Minecart in Terraria:

Using Quick Mount

Players can get off the Minecart in Terraria by simply pressing the same Quick Mount key they used to spawn it near the tracks. The keybind is different across all the platforms and players can check out their settings to know the one they have. Although there are the default ones that you will come across on different platforms:

  • Windows – R Key
  • PlayStation – X Button
  • Xbox – A Button
  • Nintendo Switch – A Button

Using Grappling Hook

If the key bind for Quick Mount is difficult to remember, players can use the Grappling Hook and pull themselves out of the mount. As you will be more than familiar with the Grapple Key in the game, this is the easiest way to get off directly from the Minecart in Terraria. It will get you out almost instantly in Terraria. Here is a list of all the default mapping for the Grapple Key for different platforms:

  • Windows – E Key
  • PlayStation – O Button
  • Xbox – B Button
  • Nintendo Switch – B Button

Canceling Buff

To get out of the ride, players can cancel their Minecart buff in Terraria. For Windows, players can simply right-click on the buff while console players will have to go through their equipment menu to do so. This will help you dismount without using the key binds for Quick Mount or Grappling Hook in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get off Minecart in Terraria. Check out our guides on how to craft snapthorn whip & how to craft shellphone and for more interesting guides on the sandbox game, look out for our dedicated Terraria section, right here on Gamer Tweak.