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How To Craft Shellphone In Terraria (Steps Guide)

Teleport to Home, Ocean, or Underworld in just one click by crafting the Shellphone in Terraria.

In Terraria you must craft the Shellphone as soon as you get the chance to. This post-Skeletron informational item can really come in handy to traverse around quickly. Unlike the Cell Phone, it can not only teleport you to your Home or Spawn point but also Ocean and Underworld at your will. However, crafting this item is nearly impossible if you are starting from scratch. But if you like such challenges, then you must try making this item in the game. To ease up the process for you below we have mentioned all the ingredients you need to make a Shell Phone in Terraria easily.

How to Make Shellphone in Terraria (Recipe)

How to Craft shell Phone in Terraria to make shellphone
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To craft a Shellphone you need 1x Cell Phone, 1x Magic Conch, and 1x Demon Conch. If you already have the following items then simply head the Tinkerer’s Workshop and combine the items to make Shell Phone easily. But if you’re starting from scratch, then let us tell you, collecting the ingredients itself is not going to be that easy. According to many players, the Shellphone has one of the most complex crafting trees in Terraria. But don’t worry below we have listed all the items you need to craft the ingredients in the first place.

How to Craft Cell Phone in Terraria
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How to Craft Cell Phone in Terraria

As it goes without saying, to craft a Shellphone in Terraria, you’ll first need to make a Cell Phone. And for that, you’ll need 1x Magic Mirror or 1x Ice Mirror & 1x PDA. The Magic Mirror can be obtained from the Underground Cabin chest. Whereas, to get Ice Mirror you’ll have to look for the Underground Ice chest. However, to get a PDA, there are various other things you’ll be required to collect, such as. 1x GPS, 1x Goblin Tech, 1x Fish Finder, & 1x R.E.K 3000.

How to Get Magic Conch & Demon Conch in Terraria?

After you have the Cell Phone your next task will be finding the Magic Conch & Demon Conch to craft a Shellphone in Terraria. The Demon Conch can only be obtained by fishing in the Lava, and the chance of reeling it in is pretty slim. On the other hand, the Magic Conch is found within some chests such as Oasis Crate, Sandstone Crate, & Mirage Crate. As the drop rates of both items are pretty low, finding them can take a while.

Once you have the items you need, head to the Tinkerer’s Workshop and all the items to make a Shell Phone. To get this Crafting station you’ll have to find the Goblin Tinkerer and buy it for 10 Gold. The NPC only spawns in the caves after you have defeated the Goblin Army.

That covers everything about the list of ingredients you need to craft Shellphone in Terraria easily. To make your survival easier in this chaotic world, here’s a Terraria NPC Guide listing all the merchants and their purpose of existence. Also, take a look at the list of 10 Best 1.4 Seeds to get maximum loot in the game.