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Top 10 Best Terraria 1.4 Seeds For Loot (2023)

If you are looking for some solid loot in Terraria 1.4, here are the best seeds that you can use.

The best Terraria 1.4 seeds are filled with numerous types of loot, bosses, and challenges. If you have gotten a good grasp of the game and are looking to explore more parts of it, these seeds are going to prove quite useful. While some of them are official, some are unique and have been found by the players. In this guide, we will provide you with the best ones so you don’t have to go through every seed you find.

Best Seeds for Loot in Terraria 1.4 (2023)

Top 10 Best Terraria 1.4 Seeds For Loot

Some of the seeds in this guide are quite useful and unique. So players will get to have some much-needed challenge and good loot. Without spoiling much, here are the best Terraria 1.4 seeds for loot.

For the Worthy

  • Seed – for the worthy

For the Worthy is one of the best seeds that you will come across in the game. As the name suggests, the seed is for strong players and will challenge you to the next level. Since the focus in this seed is on the strength of the players, the ones who haven’t reached higher levels should avoid it.

Not the Bees

  • Seed – Not the bees

Not the Bees is one of the next best Terraria 1.4 seeds if do not have Melissophobia (fear of bees). The entire world structure has been shifted in this seed with the water turning into Honey, and other environmental changes that players can look forward to.

Some Strange Generations

  • Seed – 5162020

With more than one biome, this seed is quite unique and players should definitely give it a shot. While it is a small map and the Dungeons there might feel creepy, exploring it was a different kind of experience with both the Crimson and Corruption biomes present in this seed.


  • Seed – get fixed boi

Everything is probably the best of the Terraria 1.4 seeds that we got to explore. Also known as Get Fixed Boi, the Everything seed actually has everything and it contains combinations from various different seeds in the game including For the Worthy and Not the Bees. Players should definitely try out this one for its unique loot and also if they are looking to beat Mechdusa.

Drunk World

  • Seed – 05162020

Drunk World is another experience where you will get both the Crimson and Corruption biomes present. However, it will all be chaotic and haphazard almost as if the entire world itself is really drunk.

The Fastest Enchanted Sword

  • Seed – 1841878846

If you are looking for an Enchanted Sword, this seed will allow you to get one very quickly. As you dig straight from spawn, you can find it near the pool of water towards the left. It is probably the easiest way to get an Enchanted Sword in Terraria 1.4


  • Seed – celebrationmk10

CelebrationMk10 is another one of the best Terraria 1.4 seeds that was introduced as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration of the game. This seed might even double the chances for players to find a Developer’s Set.

The Constant

  • Seed
    • constant
    • theconstant
    • the constant
    • eye4aneye
    • eyeforaneye

These five seed names can generate the world of The Constant. It is one of the best and most challenging worlds that players will explore with a focus on survival the key to getting a lot out of this seed. The Constant also features a Hunger System and you will have to constantly keep that in check while you explore the world.

Ice Skates & Lava Charm Loot Seed

  • Seed – 970756484

If looting is one of your main objectives, this is one of the best Terraria 1.4 seeds that you might want to check out. Players can loot Ice Skates and Lava Charm at different locations in the world. Since these two items are highly demanded, players can have a good time farming for them.

An Early Walk in the Dungeon

  • Seed – 100865193

With the Big Tree breaking its root through the dungeon, players can now bypass Skeletron and head directly and loot the dungeon. However, you can also choose to challenge this boss and beat him before heading into the dungeon.

That’s all we have on the best Terraria 1.4 seeds for loot. If you found this guide useful, check out our Terraria section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.