How To Craft Snapthorn Whip In Terraria

If you're wandering in the Jungle biome of Terraria then you must have the Snapthorn Whip.

Snapthorn Whip is a Jungle item that you can craft and use in close-range battles in Terraria. Other than its good damage rate, it also grants a Jungle Fury buff for 3 seconds and inflicts Poison debuff to the enemies for 4 seconds. However, as a downside, the Whip has a pretty weak knockback that can bother many players out there. But if you’re okay with the minor set back then there’s no other reason to not craft it. To help you make the Snapthorn Whip quickly below we have mentioned all the ingredients you need.

How to Make Snapthorn Whip In Terraria

How to Make Snapthorn Whip In Terraria ingredients items
Source Image: Udisen Games

To craft Snapthorn you need 15x Stinger, 3x Vine, & 12x Jungle Spores in Terraria. Once you have all the ingredients simply take it to the Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil and combine the ingredients. Players can find all the above-mentioned items from the Underground Jungle Biome. The Stingers are usually dropped by enemies such as Moss Hornets, Hornets, & Spike Jungle Slimes. To get Vines you’ll need to hunt the Man Eaters. And for the Jungle Spores, you just need to destroy the green glowing orbs growing on the jungle grass.

After you have Snapthorn Whip in Terraria make sure you strike it on the enemies continuously to refresh the buff duration and poison effect. But do note, targeting multiple enemies in one go will give you a penalty of more than 40% damage reduction. However, just like other whips it also forces the minions to attack the last enemy you hit with good damage. After looking at its buffs and debuffs we recommend you to use this melee weapon only in the early stages of the game.

That is all you need to know about how you can craft Snapthorn Whip In Terraria easily. If you haven’t got your hands on the Shellphone yet, then check out how you can get it in the game. Also, take a look at the best Armor guide to ensure your safety.