Manor Lords: How To Upgrade Burgage Plot To Level 2

Want some advanced items like clothes, shoes, or more? It is time you upgrade your Burgage Plot to Level 2 in Manor Lords.

The town, how the people live here, and how they get passive earnings work in an interesting way in this game. It achieves it using Burgage Plots, which are units that the townsfolk use not only for settling in with their family but also for setting up their business through which they get regional wealth. As such, you will want to quickly upgrade your Burgage Plot to level 2 in Manor Lords. You can then add extensions to it or make it reach level 3. While all of that sounds nice, there are a ton of requirements that you need to meet. So let us quickly check them all out.

How to Upgrade Burgage Plot to Level 2 in Manor Lords

How To Upgrade Burgage Plot To Level 2 In Manor Lords
Image Credits: STAN Games & Tutorials on YouTube. Requirements list to upgrade the Burgage Plot to Level 2 in Manor Lords.

You need to fulfill these prerequisites to be able to reach Burgage Plot level 2 in Manor Lords.

  • Amenities
    • Water Access: Build a well above underground water. This needs Timber x1.
    • Church Level: Have a wooden or a better church nearby. For this, you will need Timber x5, Stone x10, Planks x20.
  • Market Supply
    • Fuel Stall Supply: Set up a Woodcutter’s Lodge and a Firewood stall in the Marketplace.
    • Food Stall Supply: Have a food stall with at least two different food items in the Marketplace.
    • Clothing Stall Supply: This can be tricky because of the wording, instead of actual clothes you need just their materials. You can make do with any 1 of the following resources Leather, Yarn, or Linen.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • Timber x4

After you have all of the above necessities, here is what you do:

  1. Click on the Burgage Plot that is upgrade-ready for level 2.
  2. Next, click on the House icon with the plus symbol.
  3. The NPCs will now start working on its construction.
  4. After it is over your Burgage Plot of level 2 will be ready!

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