Manor Lords Hits Two Remarkable Milestones In First Week Of Early Access

Since its Early Access release on April 26th, Manor Lords has hit a couple of remarkable milestones.

For an indie city builder, Manor Lords has already surpassed the expectations of many and the developers couldn’t be more grateful about it. Since its early access release on Steam and Xbox platforms, the game has garnered a lot of praise while also hitting two remarkable milestones. Not many would have expected a city builder game to hit the milestones of getting 1 million units sold and reach the top 10 Steam player count within the first week of release.

Although a city builder, Manor Lords takes you back to medieval times where you need to rule your lands as a lord. The game features complex city building and tactical battles on a larger scale which is one of the major pillars. The game mechanics are one of the main reasons why Manor Lords hit two milestones in its opening week.

Manor Lords Hits Peak Steam Concurrent Players & 1 Million Copies Sold

Manor Lords Hits Two Remarkable Milestone In First Week Of Early Access
Image via Hooded Horse Inc.

With Fallout 4 getting new updates and the likes of Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, Apex Legends, and others already ruling the Steam charts, it’s difficult for any game to break into the top 10. However, the publishers Hooded Horse have confirmed that Manor Lords sold over 1 Million copies and hit a peak Steam concurrent player count of 170K.

Currently, the peak Steam concurrent player count sits at an all-time high of 173,178, and with the praise that the game is receiving, it is expected to rise further. Manor Lords is still in Early Access and developer Slavic Magic would want to bring in new features. Since it is an indie game, players might have to wait a while to see some of those new features.

It’s quite possible for Manor Lords to hit more than these two milestones and we will have to wait and watch. In the meantime, we recommend you check out our News section for more such articles in our dedicated section at Gamer Tweak.