Roblox Doors: How To Beat Door 100

Terrified of what's next door? Here is a guide on how you can beat Door 100 in Roblox's Doors.

From monsters to rooms full of puzzles Roblox Doors brings it all to the table for players. With that being said the new Hotel+ update to the game makes it even more interesting for players. The room beyond Door 100 has been now revamped and players can find this even more difficult to beat. Here is a guide on how you can complete the puzzle and beat the final Door 100 in Roblox Doors.

beat door 100 roblox doors
Image source DV Plays on YouTube

How to Beat Door 100 in Roblox Doors

Before the start of your run, there will be a pre-run shop available to buy some useful items for some Door Knobs. We recommend you buy Lockpick and Torch or any light source possible as they can make things easy for you.

  1. Once you get through and open Door 100 you will have to pass through a corridor where the lights will start to flicker as soon as you enter.
  2. Navigate your way through the corridor to a room where there is a closed door with ‘EXIT’ written on top.
  3. There will be a lever beside the door but don’t pull it yet. The room upstairs will have its door locked, here, if you have the Lockpick, you can open the door, which will lead you to the electrical board required to solve the puzzle.
  4. You can still open the door if you follow through and you don’t have Lockpick. You can head towards the door with the lever and pull it.
  5. Once you do a cutscene will play where the Figure standing up the stairs will start chasing you. After which you will have to run back to the corridors. The area now will have been widened because of shutters opening up.

    breaker switches roblox doors
    Image source DV Plays on YouTube
  6. Here you will have to avoid the Figure, you can do this by crouching and walking slowly or hiding in the closets. (Note: You will have to play the mini-game inside the closet)
  7. While avoiding him you will also have to find Circuit Breaker Switches for the Board. You can find most of them on the shelves here but avoid getting too close to Figure as he will sense your heartbeat. (Guiding lights will appear around the switches which will help you spot them easily)
  8. If you can’t find any more switches it’s simply because they might be scattered near the elevator upstairs.
  9. You can head towards it crouching and slowly, after which you can find the rest of the switches and also the key required for the Board room if you haven’t already lockpicked it.
  10. Head toward the Board room and open it with the key. Once you open the circuit board all the switches will be placed in the slots. Once done a cutscene will play where an exposed wire will cause fire making Figure panic and jump out the window.

    breaker board roblox doors
    Image source DV Plays on YouTube
  11. The top of the board displays numbers. Each number will have a box in front of it, if the number has a filled box you will have to turn on the switch of that number, if it’s empty then leave it as it is.
  12. This has 3 rounds of which round 3 will be more difficult than the previous 2. It will have the same procedure as the first 2 rounds but with a mysterious number marked with ‘??’. You will have to add the number of switches turned on.
  13. Once done a cutscene will play after which you will have to sprint up to the elevator.
  14. After which, you would have successfully beaten Door 100.

That is everything on how you can beat Door 100 in Roblox Doors. Here are our guides if you want guides on monsters other than Figure, like Screech, Ambush, Rush, Halt, etc.

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