Roblox Doors: How To Survive Screech

Here is how you can survive Screech in Roblox Doors.

Screech is an Entity in Roblox Doors that is quite easy to survive. And to justify its name it will actually screech at you. But while it may screech, if you act on time you can completely avoid taking damage from it. So in this guide let us check how to Survive Screech in Roblox Doors and how to get the I See You badge.

How to Survive Screech in Roblox Doors

roblox doors how to survive screech
Image Credit: ItzGreenPlayz on YouTube

You can survive Screech by looking at it before it attacks in order to dodge it. It makes a “Pst…” sound before directly attacking you, so try playing with headphones. Screech is one of the easiest monsters or entities that you can come across in Doors. It lurks around in dark rooms. These are rooms that are already dark and not darkened by Ambush or Rush.

A tip here is to memorize the room as much as you can from outside the previous door. Because once you get inside it will go completely dark.

  1. Start progressing through the doors normally.
  2. Once you see that the next room will be dark look for a lighter or a torch in the previous room or area.
  3. Go inside the room and it will get dark.
  4. Try to look for the exit.
  5. Once you hear Screech say “Pst…” start looking around for any creature.
  6. Whether you manage to spot it or not, it will still attack. The difference is:
    • If you spot Screech before it attacks, you won’t take any damage when it jumps at you. (The jumpscare will still be there)
    • When you don’t spot Screech in time it will attack you and roughly take around 1/3rd of your HP. So if you are stuck in the room and fail to spot it thrice it will kill you.
  7. Once you get to the next room you will survive. There is an exception where it may even follow you to the next room.

After you survive any of the Screech’s attacks you unlock the I See You Badge. The badge says “I See You Peek-a-boo!”

That covers this guide on how to survive Screech in Roblox Doors. I suggest you also check our survival guides for other Entities on how to survive Halt and how to survive Rush. And to get another achievement in this game check out our guide on how to get the Expert Technician badge in Roblox Doors.