Roblox Doors: How To Survive Rush

Check out our guide on how to survive Rush in Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors is a survival-horror videogame by LSPLASH that involves progressing through several doors. As you progress, you will encounter several monsters and entities. These creatures can deplete your health and if you don’t survive them, can kill you. One of these bosses includes Rush which can be pretty fast to kill you and your team in a flicker. But is there a way to survive this monster? Check out our guide on how to survive Rush in Roblox Doors to find out.

How to Survive Rush in Roblox Doors

As you progress through different rooms in the hotels. Rush is one of the first entities or creatures that you will encounter. Here’s how to survive Rush:

roblox doors survive rush

  • When it spawns, all the lights in the room start flickering. Before its arrival, you can also hear a distorted sound indicating it is nearby.
  • These are all the hints to hide in a safe spot. The quicker you hide, the more chances you have at surviving.
  • You can head over to a hiding spot like Vents or behind the closets to survive this monster.
  • But hiding in big rooms like the Key room or the Vent room can result in death.
  • You can hide by crawling under the bed to survive Rush.
  • It can be a bit difficult to choose a hiding spot in a dark-lit room.
  • We suggest grinding on the game or experience to know its locations and hidden spots better.
  • If you have progressed far into the game with your team, you can use a revive to continue the run.
  • Sometimes even though Rush hasn’t spawned yet, it can cause the lights to flicker.
  • For such cases, always look behind your back and hide in a safe spot.
  • Once you have survived Rush, all the lights in the room will be turned off.
  • You can head further into the different rooms without being afraid of its encounter, again.

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