Roblox Doors: How To Sprint Or Run

Want to run past different doors? Check out our guide on how to sprint in Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors is an eerie survival horror experience or videogame that involves passing through dark doors. As you pass through, you will encounter a wide range of monsters and creatures. But unlike most Roblox games, running or sprinting is slightly different in this horror-survival game. So, here’s our guide on how to run or sprint in Roblox Doors.

How to Sprint in Roblox Doors

As there is no dedicated button or controls, you cannot sprint or run in Doors. On the contrary, you can technically run through different doors. But it is not a pretty straightforward method.

roblox doors sprint

Follow the mentioned below steps to sprint in Roblox Doors:

  • All you need to do is keep on walking forward in one direction.
  • Upon gaining momentum from walking forward, you will begin to speed-walk.
  • Now, you need to speed walk forward in one direction to sprint or run.
  • However, if you stop, you will have to build the momentum again to sprint. So, we suggest you only stop when you need to.
  • For most of the encounters, you will need to crawl or crouch your way through. You can hit the Shift or C button to crouch.

You would need to run only when you encounter the Seek monster. It is one of the entities that you will encounter during the doors 30 through 45 and 80 through 95. Also, make a note that this Roblox experience or game is in the Alpha phase. So, the devs at LSPLASH can assign a dedicated control for sprinting in the future.

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