Roblox Doors: How To Get The Expert Technician Badge

Here is how you can get the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox.

Expert Technician badge in Roblox doors is one that many players are unable to get. To begin with, you need to reach level 100 to be able to solve the puzzle. And to add to the difficulty, if you aren’t fast enough you won’t get the badge even after successfully solving it. So in this guide let us check how to get the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox Doors.

How to Get the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox

You can get the Expert Technician badge by completing the Hotel’s breaker puzzle within a minute. The timing is key here because even if you manage to solve it but are slow with it you won’t unlock the badge and will have to try again. Another thing to keep in mind is every time you try this puzzle the solution changes so you can’t rely on the solutions from your previous tries.

To solve the puzzle you have to get the answer right 3 times. And to get answers you should pay attention to the numbers being flashed.

roblox doors how to get expert technician badge

  1. On the top left, the screen will flash numbers from 1-10 in random order.
  2. The indicator at the center lights up for the correct numbers for the puzzle.
    1. So for example you could get something like this:
      • 06: Indicator lights up
      • 07: Indicator doesn’t light up
      • 01: Indicator lights up
      • 05: Indicator lights up
      • 10: Indicator doesn’t light up
      • And so on.
    2. Thus the solution to this puzzle would be toggling on the switches with the numbers 1, 5, and to solve the hotels breaker puzzle in roblox doors
  3. When you toggle the correct switches on you solve the puzzle 1 time.
  4. Repeat it two more times in under a minute and you will get the badge.

As mentioned previously, you have to get to the 100th floor in order to solve it. This is the second-rarest badge in the game.

That covers this guide on how to get the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox Doors. Since you like playing this game also check our guide on how to revive and sprint or run in Roblox Doors.