Evil Dead The Game: Which Survivor Class To Choose?

Confused about which Survivor class you should pick in Evil Dead The Game based on your horror game experience & playstyle? Find out here.

Evil Dead The Game has 4 Survivor classes and they are Leader, Warrior, Hunter and Support. If you are jumping into a horror game like this for the first time or simply want to know which one is best for your playstyle, look no further. Find out which Survivor class you should choose in Evil Dead The Game if you are a beginner or advanced player.

Which Survivor Class Should I Choose in Evil Dead The Game?

which survivor class pick evil dead game

Let’s take a look at every class and the reason why you should pick it.


The Leader class, as the name suggests, is one that’s more resistant to fear. They are the aggressive ones who like to go head first into danger. If you pick this class, the group will rely on you because you have auras that improve the stats of nearby Survivors. Keeping your fear meter in check is easier for you if you are a Leader so go for this class if you prefer an “all-guns-blazing” playstyle and like to be in charge of the team.


The Warrior class has more health and they deal more melee damage. So, if you’re someone who likes to play with ranged weapons, you might want to keep this one on the backburner (The classes don’t force a playstyle on you, though). But for those who like to get up, close and personal with the enemies and prefer to enjoy Evil Dead The Game as a slasher game, this could be the pick for you. Just like Leader, the Warrior is also an aggressive class. They can absorb damage and are great in close combat.


The Hunter class prefers to take down enemies from afar. Players who prefer stealth (as much as it’s possible in a game like this) can go for the Hunter class. Be careful, though, because you might get surrounded by enemies if you are not careful. So, you must always be aware of your immediate environment. Players using this class can help teammates if they are about to be possessed, by making them snap out of it from a distance. Don’t forget that the Hunter class can also carry more ammo, find resources faster and have slower stamina consumption.

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The name says it all – the Support class won’t be in the frontlines, but is very crucial for the team’s survival. You are the one who will heal the team members when required and you start with a Shemp’s Cola and an Amulet too. Moreover, players can carry more Shemp’s Colas or Amulets if they pick this class and if you use them, the Survivors in your aura also benefit from it. That’s not all – players in the Support class can mark targets and help the team even more than they already do.

These are the basics that you need to know before picking the class. Go ahead and try them all to see which one suits you best. The abilities for Leader, Warrior, Hunter and Support can also bring your experience up a notch. If you like the melee class and want to use a ranged weapon, that’s fine too. The end goal is to get the Deadites out of the way – no matter what it takes.

Which is the Best Starting Survivor Class for Beginners in Evil Dead the Game?

Players can choose Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) who belongs to the Warrior class. He has abilities that make you self-reliant against enemies. We used Ash with upgraded melee skills and he ended up being pretty powerful in combat. Here’s our tier list of the best characters in Evil Dead The Game that you might want to see as well. And if you’d like to find out which are some of the best Ash Williams builds, check out our guide right here.