Evil Dead The Game: How To Reduce Fear Level Fast

Here's everything you must know about the Fear Meter and how to reduce the Fear Level in Evil Dead The Game.

Staying alive is of utmost importance in Evil Dead The Game and one of the main indications of it is the Fear Meter. Players need to know how fear works and how to decrease the Fear Level in Evil Dead The Game so that they can ensure their own (and their team’s) survival against the Kandarian Demon.

How to Reduce Fear Meter Level in Evil Dead The Game Fast

As you progress in the game, your Fear level will keep increasing as you face more demons – big and small. It’s indicated by the bar below your HP bar and has a marker to depict the threshold. Once it’s beyond a certain limit (75%), the Demon can possess you. In a worst case scenario, this could even mean death. When your fear level is too high, here’s what you can do to keep it low:

  • Stay in the light and avoid dark areas, especially the ones with trees.
  • Don’t travel alone, always stay with your team.
  • If you end up alone, quickly run off to a well-lit area and communicate your whereabouts to the team.
How to Reduce Fear in Evil Dead The Game
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How to Manage Fear Level & Keep it Low

  • Avoid dark areas as much as possible. Use Matchsticks while exploring (collect them from random locations or from supply boxes) and make sure to stay near well-lit locations with houses including ones near lanterns. Players can also light bonfires and rest there to feel safer and decrease Fear.
  • Don’t venture out alone, stay with your team. If you head into an area packed with trees all by yourself, there could be a chance of a Deadite jumpscare and your Fear level will shoot up.
  • Make sure to communicate with your team and stick with them to keep the Fear levels low. Just in case you end up alone, run away and get back to your team as soon as possible.
  • The characters from the Leader class are more resistant to Fear and they are Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead), Anny Knowby and Lord Arthur.
    Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) also has an active ability of Fear reduction which helps him and nearby Survivors so use it whenever necessary. Scotty’s Exposure Therapy also partially reduces your fear levels with every enemy you kill.
  • If your character’s fear level increases after a jumpscare or after facing a big enemy, run off to a lit area, especially a campfire along with your team. Better yet, fight them near such areas and plan your strategy around it. In such locations, your fear level will increase much slowly.

This is everything you need to keep in mind to ensure that your fear level stays low in Evil Dead The Game. In case a team member gets injured, find out what you need to revive or resurrect them.