How To Heal Yourself & Revive Teammates In Evil Dead The Game

Here's how to heal and restore your own health, revive team members & how to resurrect a player's soul after dying in Evil Dead The Game.

Even the best of players can get injured, especially while dealing with demonic entities. This game is all about survival, so here’s everything players need to know about how to heal themselves and revive teammates in Evil Dead The Game. There’s also a way to resurrect a player’s soul if they die. Let’s take a look at how you can ensure the team’s survival for the longest possible time.

How to Heal your Health in Evil Dead The Game?

how to regain health evil dead game

  • Players need to collect healing items and use them to restore health in Evil Dead The Game.
  • Look for Shemp’s Cola while exploring and press Up on the controller’s d-pad to consume it.
  • Make sure you are not surrounded by enemies while doing this because it will give them a window of opportunity to attack you. While playing co-op, ask your teammates to cover for you while you finish healing.
  • If you run of out of Shemp’s Cola, you can find them randomly while navigating the game’s locations. Use the Triangle/Y button on your controller to pick them up. Now whenever there’s a requirement to replenish your health, press UP and your character will heal.

How to Revive Teammates in Evil Dead The Game

Now that you know how to restore your own health, here’s how to revive your teammates in case an enemy has dealt significant damage to them.

  • Go near the squad member that has been downed.
  • Once you are close enough, you will see the interaction button. Press the button to revive them.
  • While this sounds easy, it can get tricky and your own character can land up in danger in case the downed teammate is surrounded by demons.
  • During the short animation of reviving another character, make sure to communicate with others and keep the enemies busy.

What to Do if a Teammate Dies – Can you Resurrect them?

  • You can still revive a dead squad member in Evil Dead The Game. Players must carry the soul of the dead teammate to an altar to resurrect them.
  • Collect the soul by pressing Triangle/Y and follow the altar icon that appears. That should take you to a bunch of rocks.
  • Press and Hold Triangle/Y to Resurrect the teammate but watch your back while you’re at it.
  • At the bottom left of the screen, you should be able to see “Being Resurrected” under the name of the dead character.
  • After the animation is done, the player will be revived successfully and can continue playing.

That’s all about healing and survival in Evil Dead The Game. Here’s how to switch weapons from ranged to melee.