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How To Switch Weapons In Evil Dead The Game

Check out how to change and swap weapons easily in Evil Dead The Game.

Fighting against supernatural forces is no child’s play which is why knowing how to switch weapons in Evil Dead The Game is super crucial. Depending on the distance between you and the enemy and the quantity of ammo you’ve got, you will have to quickly swap your weapons to deal maximum damage. Here’s how to do it efficiently.

How to Change Weapons in Evil Dead The Game


how to swap change weapons evil dead game

This is how attacking works in Evil Dead The Game:

  • L2/LT is the button to aim a ranged weapon.
  • R2/RT is the button to shoot your ranged weapon.
  • If you press R2/RT without aiming, that is, without the L2/LT button, you will use a heavy melee attack.


So, in a nutshell, if you aim first and then attack by pressing the right trigger button, you will end up shooting with your gun. If you don’t aim and only press the right trigger button, you will do a heavy melee attack on the enemy.

Focus on what you are doing with your L2/LT button and players will be able to switch weapons from ranged to melee without wasting any time.

While most players will be used to pressing a dedicated button to change weapons in games, the new-age games are adopting a new button combo like we see here. Previously, we  have seen it in Assassin’s Creed Origins till Valhalla, including the more recent Elden Ring. This is where the buttons on the right govern light and heavy melee attacks, and the button on the left will switch them over to ranged.


That was all about switching weapons in Evil Dead The Game. Don’t forget to also find out how to invite and join friends to play multiplayer mode in this game. We will be covering more so be sure to stick around with Gamer Tweak.