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Evil Dead The Game: How To Unlock 4 Locked Characters

Check out everything you need to do to unlock all the locked characters in Evil Dead The Game.

Fans of the Evil Dead movies know that there are several characters who try to survive the evil entities. It’s similar in this game based on the films, but not all are unlocked from the beginning. Here’s is how to unlock all survivor characters in Evil Dead The Game. Every character like Ash Williams, Lord Arthur and Pablo Simon Bolivar has different abilities depending on the class they are in. Players need to take that into consideration while teaming up to beat the powerful supernatural forces. Let’s take a look at how you can have all the characters in your roster.


How to Unlock All Characters in Evil Dead The Game

how to unlock all survivors evil dead game

There are 4 playable classes namely Leaders, Warriors, Hunters and Supports and 13 Survivors in total. There are 9 characters that you can play as right from the beginning, but 4 will be unlocked if you complete the single-player objectives. Players have to complete specific missions to unlock these characters and here are the unlock requirements for the character you have your eyes on.


How to Unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs. the Evil Dead)

Complete the Chapter 1 “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw” to get Ash Williams as the reward. He is from the Leader class. This class is resistant to fear. Plus, it has auras that boosts their stats and the stats of the Survivors near them.

How to Unlock Amanda Fisher (Ash vs. Evil Dead)


Complete Chapter 3 mission “Kill ‘em All” to get Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game. She is from the Hunter class and are helpful to deal ranged weapon damage. So if you are interested in this playstyle and don’t like the demons to come near you, go for the Hunter class. Plus, they can carry more ammo, can find resources better and consume stamina slower compared to other classes.

How to Unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

Complete the Chapter 4 “It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!” to unlock the survivor Pablo Simon Bolivar who belongs to the Support class. They are the helpers because they start with a Shemp’s Cola that’s useful to replenish health and they bring along an Amulet too. The best part is that if Shemp’s Colas or Amulets are used, the Survivors in your area will also reap the benefits of it. They may not be the aggressive ones, but they play an important role in the squad’s survival.


How to Unlock Lord Arthur (Army of Darkness)

Players need to complete the Chapter 5 “Homecoming King” which will unlock Lord Arthur for them. He’s a Leader and this class doesn’t shy away from taking the damage for the team and also dealing the most damage to enemies. They are most resistant to Fear and also help to buff the team members.

Apart from these character unlocks, there are more rewards that you will get upon completing these missions, check them all out in the linked article. And for more tips, tricks and strategy guides, head over to our Evil Dead the Game guides on Gamer Tweak.