Evil Dead Game Missions List & Mission Rewards

Here's a look at the list of all missions & mission rewards in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game is finally here with unique asymmetrical gameplay, which will keep you engaged for a long time. The game also includes single-player missions with rewards, which are crucial to getting the game’s complete experience. These missions unlock rewards like new Survivors, Outfits, and more. Also, you need to play them in order, which means a single-player mission will only unlock once you finish the preceding mission. So today let’s look at the list of all missions & mission rewards in Evil Dead The Game.

Mission Rewards List in Evil Dead Game

Evil Dead The Game Single Player Missions

Here is the list of all missions & mission rewards in Evil Dead The Game:

Evil Dead Game Missions List Rewards
If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw (Chapter 1) Survivor Ash Williams (Ash Vs Evil Dead)
Extras Knowby Recording 1
Missions Party Down!
Party Down! (Chapter 2) Survivor Outfit Funeral Attire
Extras Knowby Recording 2
Missions Kill ‘em All
Kill ‘em All (Chapter 3) Survivor Amanda Fisher
Extras Knowby Recording 3
Missions It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!
It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go! (Chapter 4) Survivor Pablo Simon Bolivar
Extras Knowby Recording 4
Missions Homecoming King
Homecoming King (Chapter 5) Survivor Lord Arthur
Extras Knowby Recording 5

So let’s look at the in-game descriptions of the missions to understand the lore in each a bit better.

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw

Before Mission: When the love of your life is possessed by a demon, behe*ding and burying her is the quickest way to end her suffering. At least that’s what you tell yourself, but Linda’s cries of torment still haunt you. You once gave her a necklace as a symbol of your love. Perhaps finding it will provide some solace.

After Mission: Rest in peace sweet Linda. You’ll always be truly amazing.

Party Down!

Before Mission: The bad news is that a couple of punks stole Ash’s classic ride. The really bad news is that the Necronomicon was in the trunk. If these joyriders mess with the book, we’re all screwed, but Ash has a plan: lure the thieves back by gathering up some Wiseman’s Brew and throwing the party of the century.

After Mission: You’ve got enough Wiseman’s Brew to kick off the bash. Those carjacking hooligans won’t be able to resist.

Kill ‘em All

Before Mission: These creepy woods are brimming with Deadites. Somebody needs to clean house, somebody with one hand and an S-Mart carbine. Hail to the king.

After Mission: You blew their b*tts to kingdom come, got a little cardio, and rid the forest of Deadites. Everybody wins. Except Evil.

It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!

Before Mission: Pablo is not the kind of guy to let a friend down. Tonight, he found this note: “Hey little buddy, These woods are too crowded. Let’s go huntin’. Grab a car and meet me at my place at Fairview Campground. B.Y.O.W.A.A (weapons and ammo). You’re pal, Ash”

After Mission: You saved the prophesied one and got away in his sweet ride. Time to go somewhere warm Maybe Jacksonville.

Homecoming King (Last Mission in Evil Dead Game)

Before Mission: Oh, how the tables have turned. Lord Arthur is now the man out of time. Only the Kandarian Dagger and Necronomicon can open a rift in space and time that leads home. Send Arthur back to his kingdom and reap the rewards of a grateful king.

After Mission: Huzzah! Lord Arthus is reunited with his people at last. He has delivered his kingdom from the terrors of the Deadites! For now.

That’s all about the list of all missions & mission rewards in Evil Dead The Game. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Evil Dead: The Game Guides right here at GamerTweak.