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Evil Dead Game: How To Remove Teammate’s Possession

When the fear levels go too high, you can get possessed by the Demon. Here's how to remove teammate's possession in Evil Dead The Game.

A game with supernatural elements is incomplete without possession and this one lives up to players’ expectations. As you already know, survival is of utmost importance in this title. But sometimes things can go terribly wrong and a teammate may become possessed by the demon in Evil Dead The Game. If you are wondering what to do in this situation, here’s the trick you should know.

How to Remove Demon Possession in Evil Dead The Game


what to do possession evil dead game

When a teammate becomes possessed by the Kandarian Demon, the other team member must keep hitting them a few times. Use your melee attacks to knock some sense into them until they break free of the possession. If you are at a distance and can only manage to shoot your ranged weapon – that works too. Unfortunately, lowering their health a bit is the only way to get rid of the possession. Attacking them will allow the teammate to regain control of the character.

The best thing to do would be to keep your fear levels in check. Make sure you don’t venture out alone away from your team, especially in dark areas packed with trees. A demonic entity might spring out of nowhere and when your character starts getting scared, the Fear meter could fill up very quickly. The goal is to ensure survival and sometimes, you have to hit them to bring them back to senses. Communicate with your team to let them know where the nearest bonfire is, so that they can lower their Fear Level in times of need.


In case a teammate gets downed and you don’t know how to revive them, we’ve got you covered. There’s a way to resurrect their souls even when they die and it’s important that everyone on the team knows how to do it.

That’s everything about removing possession in Evil Dead The Game. For everything else related to Evil Dead The Game, check out our dedicated category.